Enhance your Risk and fraud management

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Flows risk & fraud monitoring

Detect potential fraud risk on demand in real-time

With Flows you can improve your risk and fraud management by setting up simple workflows which enable risk and fraud teams to identify and eliminate potential fraudulent cases on demand in real-time.

Track and monitor behaviour

Send real-time alerts to your risk and fraud teams

Intervene as events happen with tailored communication

Eliminate potential fraud and risk cases

“The user-friendliness, flexibility, and amount of data available with this tool has provided us with a clear edge, allowing all staff in the team with ease having the ability to setup live monitoring flows to detect high risk activity. Due to the straightforward interface and ease of use we have also been able to quickly reconfigure existing fraud flows and add new ones on-the-go to adapt to ongoing trends. In addition to the fraud flows, we have also been able to improve efficiencies in many other areas with automated actions and interactions programmed which have saved a lot on resources on day-to-day work.”
Andreas Exler
Head of Risk and Fraud @The WKND