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Risk payments

May 4, 2022

Flow of the week – Risk Payments – Multiple Credit Cards used


Fraud in iGaming is still an every day struggle for Risk teams. Streamline and simplify your fraud detection and processes using Flows!

One of the most common fraud elements are stolen Credit Cards. And most often, these fraudsters try making deposits with many different cards. With Flows you can set up alerts and temporary blocks (or even full blocks) and much more based on the number of unique Credit Cards used by a customer.

React in real-time as the deposit attempts happen

Very often, the fraudulent behaviour is not noticed until the point of withdrawal. When the customer has already made several deposits, played and now requested a withdrawal. Now your Fraud team can instead react in real-time at the time of deposit by simply using Flows’ innovative, no-code technology. ?

How do you Flow it? 

Trigger, route and save data

Start your Flow by selecting the Deposit trigger (no filter on if success or failed), then check if it is a Credit Card used and save the number of Credit Cards used per customer within 2 hours.

Check Credit Card deposit count per UserId and get unique Cards used

The flow continues on the green path after successfully saving the data. You can then proceed to check if the deposit count with Credit Cards within 2 hours has exceeded your set count, in this example we are checking if 3 or more deposits with Credit Cards has occured by the same User within 2 hours. We then continue the Flow by checking the number of different cards used.

Check unique Card Count and alert Risk team

Your flow here continues once any of the criterias have been reached in the Route Flow stages. In our example here we check if the unique card count for the customer is 3 or more, we then get the player details and alert the Risk team for a manual check on the account.

Check higher unique Credit Card count and temp block account

Here we continue to check if the unique Card Count is actually 5 or more, and we then proceed to set a temporary block and inform the player via onsite message to contact support, while also informing the Risk team and CS team about the temp block.

Remember – this is just an example and you can innovate and automate quickly, freely and without code using Flows.

Just Flow it!

“The user-friendliness, flexibility, and amount of data available with this tool has provided us with a clear edge, allowing all staff in the team with ease having the ability to setup live monitoring flows to detect high risk activity.

Due to the straightforward interface and ease of use we have also been able to quickly reconfigure existing fraud flows and add new ones on-the-go to adapt to ongoing trends. In addition to the fraud flows, we have also been able to improve efficiencies in many other areas with automated actions and interactions programmed which have saved a lot on resources on day-to-day work.”

– Andreas Exler, Head of Risk and Fraud @The Wknd