Improve your responsible gaming strategy

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Responsible Gaming strategy Flows

Seamlessly automate your responsible gaming processes

Flows allows you to set-up automated workflows to monitor your players behaviour on demand. From reducing your self-exclusion and failed deposit attempts, to flagging potential  addictive behaviour, with flows it’s all possible.

Monitor player behaviour in real time

Reduce your self-exclusion

React in real-time as events happen

Create a safer environment for your players

Customer support - Flows - WKND
“With Flows we are able to segment players based on potential harm indicators and automate interactions to advocate safe play. We have seen some amazing results using Flows for automated customer messaging – such as 35% less Time Outs and 14% less closures compared to control groups. We have also seen great results in retention rate week on week for players who have received the automated message. I am seeing many opportunities with Flows to enhance Sustainable Play actions and experience.”
Lisa Dallos
Player Sustainability Manager – The WKND