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Open AI/ChatGPT

Feb 3, 2023

App of the month – Open AI/ChatGPT — Copy


This month the latest App to be added to our open-world app marketplace is artificial intelligence platform Open AI which when combined with Flows, enables the creation of compelling AI applications and generated content at the click of a button . 

Open AI is a powerful tool for businesses from all industries, from iGaming to hospitality and events. In utilising the tool, companies can create personalised content tailored to the individual needs of their customers, focusing on their preferences and interests for a whole range of use-cases. From setting automated marketing communications, creating virtual chat assistants to automate instant interactions on-demand as certain events take place, to improving customer service, and even creating virtual agents to provide a personalised and automated service. With Flows and Open AI the possibilities are endless – the only limitation really is your imagination. 

Below are a few examples of how you can use Open AI alongside Flows to improve your internal workflow processes to reduce time-consuming manual workload and costly resources. 

Streamline your customer onboarding journey

The customer onboarding journey is one of the most important first touch points a customer will have with your brand and so it’s vital that the process is as smooth as possible. With Flows you can truly streamline the entire process using Open Ai’s ChatGPT app to create tailored onboarding communications that guides the customer through the entire process from start to finish. So, how does this process work? Well, you simply make use of all of the important data insights that you push into your Flows workspace and feed it into Open Ai’s ChatGPT, allowing you to create hyper personalised content which tailored to each customer – and the best part, it’s all automated at the click of a button. Find out just how easy it is in our Flow of the week blog post – Supercharge your Flows using OpenAI ChatGPT

Automating tailored communication to your event participants

We are about to kick off the iGaming conference season with the largest event within the industry. So, let’s take a look at how using Open AI combined with Flows you could improve the attendee experience by creating automated workflows that generate communications based on a whole range of aspects such as the weather conditions and even which route to take to the event based on travel conditions that day. 

Messages such as, ‘Welcoming event registrants to the event in the morning of the event to give up to date alerts about the weather and what to pack for the day as well as alerts based on the best route to take and warnings about current travel conditions.` can be written by AI using the OpenAI APP in Flows . This ensures that each visitor gets the most relevant information for their individual needs adding that extra bit of ‘WOW’ factor to your early event communications.You can read more about how easy this is to set up in our Flow of the week blog post – How to automate your conference visitor messages

The above are just a few examples of how you can supercharge your business with Flows while leveraging the power of AI to automate tasks. If you want to find out more about Flows, the marketplace, and how our no-code automation platform and how we can help you to empower your innova