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Conference visitor messages

Jan 13, 2023

Flow of the week – How to automate your conference visitor messages


When it comes to organising large events such as conferences, there are a number of factors to consider, from ensuring the location is suitable to making sure that visitors have the best possible experience. Event organisers have a lot to juggle and the lead up to the conference can be a stressful time, after all you want to make sure that your conference is the talk of the industry and the one that others aspire to follow on from.

So just how to you make sure you can provide an experience to remember? Well, one way to make the event experience even better is by using no-code automation tools such as Flows to create automated messages for visitors when they check in at the start of the day. These messages can include details about the weather, what to wear, and whether to walk or take the tube based on the weather, tube delays and crowding.

The messages can automatically be written by AI using the OpenAI APP in Flows with supercharged up-to-date personalised messages for each visitor. This ensures that each visitor gets the most relevant information for their individual needs. Additionally, the AI-generated messages can provide a more accurate and up-to-date response than manual messages.

Overall, using a no-code automation tool like Flows can be a great way to make a conference experience smoother and more enjoyable. By providing personalised messages to guests, as well as accurate and up-to-date information about the weather and transport, their time at the event can be made more efficient.

So, let’s do an example with ICE 2023 London!

So, how do you Flow it? 

Trigger on visitor login to the ICE app in the morning or afternoon

We start the flow with a trigger from the ICE APP, and then checking if it is morning or afternoon, the flow then calls the Weather app to get the visitor location and the weather. The flow could also be triggered on registration for the event and then scheduled to continue the flow on the morning of the first conference day. Anything is possible with Flows – if you can think it, you can Flow it!

Next up in the flow we get the location of Excel and calculate the distance between the visitor location and the venue – if it is the afternoon, the flow would route differently and instead check the distance from excel to the visitors hotel/same location that they logged in from in the morning.

For the morning route, the Flow continues by getting the Line status and crowding information from TFL (transport for London) for the closest line to Excel.

And finally, the Flow collates all this visitor data and use that in the prompt to the AI to write the message!

The prompt could then look something like this:
Write a good morning message to a visitor of the ICE London 2023 event based on the time of day that is <eventtime> and the weather that is <eventlocation.TempC> celcius and conditions are <eventlocation.ConditionText> with <eventlocation.RainMM> mm of rain. Also add in recommendations if the visitor should take the tube or walk depending on the distance to the venue that is <Distance_Km> km and the line status that is <TextResult> and crowding is <crowding.response>. Add in calculations how far it would take to walk or take the tube and add suggestions on what to wear. Use personalised information in the message such as the visitors first name that is <firstname>, company <company> and work title <title>

Now, imagine being James King, CEO of Flows, and receiving this message in the morning, all written by AI:


“Good morning James,

I hope you’re doing well and had a good sleep. Welcome to ICE London 2023! We are really looking forward to seeing you representing Flows at the event today.

It’s 8am and the temperature is 4 degrees Celsius, with cloudy and rainy conditions and 4mm of rain.

If you’re looking to get to the venue, it’s 3 km away. If you’re considering walking, it would take about 40 minutes. Alternatively, you can take the tube, which will get you there in half the time. The line status is currently no delays, but the crowding is busy.

We recommend dressing in layers and bringing an umbrella to keep you dry.

We look forward to seeing you there.


ICE London 2023 Team”

Now isn’t THAT a great and very useful morning message to get?

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