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Jun 29, 2023

James King: Flows is hitting the jackpot on voice-activated gamification and engagement


It is becoming increasingly difficult to engage new players and retain existing bettors. But one way in which operators can tap into new player bases is through gamification tools such as jackpot tournaments.

James King, CEO of Flows, sheds light on how operators can leverage Flows’ latest development, ‘Flo,’ to unlock new realms of engagement and retention. He tells us why Flo is a remarkable voice-activated technology poised to revolutionise the way we build new digital products.

Speaking with SBC News, King also walks us through the integration process of jackpots using the Flows platform and the benefits that this can bring with regards to engagement and retention.

SBC: In your view, what makes a successful jackpot and tournament campaign for an operator?  

JK: A successful jackpot and tournament campaign for an operator needs to be easy to deploy and flexible in its use and ease of change (whether it’s amounts, times, games etc). Here it’s important to set clear objectives to guide the campaign’s design, timing and execution. By leveraging Flows Jackpots (which sits alongside our no-code Flows engine as a standalone template), operators can create tailored experiences for players across their content portfolio and brands.

Engaging gameplay mechanics, such as innovative tournament formats and unique jackpot triggers, keeps players excited and motivated throughout the campaign, which overall helps you to retain players and keep ahead of the competition.

Automating your processes with technology such as Flows ensures timely and tailored delivery that maintains player engagement as well as your team’s ability to quickly deploy and edit in real time. With Flows, operators can create successful campaigns that drive player engagement, revenue growth, and brand loyalty.

SBC: What role can tools such as jackpots, tournaments, missions and achievements play in not only engaging players but also retaining existing customers? 

JK: Jackpots, tournaments, missions, play a vital role in both engaging players and retaining existing customers and ultimately improving the bottom line for an operator. By leveraging our no-code automation platform, operators can build and implement highly tailored products like jackpots, tournaments, missions etc in real-time, tailoring the on site experience to each player.

These products enhance engagement by delivering an element of gamification into the experience with relevant content, rewards, missions and challenges that resonate with the player’s. The more you gamify the more you retain, as players are wanting to achieve new levels or statuses and are then “brought” in and loyal to the operator.


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