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No-code automation tailor made by you, for you!


  • Plug-in no-code platform
  • Open world app marketplace
  • Integrate with any API or 3rd party
  • Orchestrate multiple systems from one place
  • ️Supercharge your delivery and time to market
  • ️Reduce operational and development costs

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So, how does Flows work for you?

With unlimited integration possibilities


Flows works by securely ingesting and monitoring data from any data source (such as Kafka or RabbitMQ), allowing you to easily build automated workflows without having to learn code.

Three simple steps to success with Flows :

1 Point your data (any API or data stream) at Flows
2 Connect your favourite applications
3 Write a no-code workflow

Visually build workflows for new features

Example: Building a Jackpot Engine

Why partner with Flows?

Imagine a platform that allows you to automate your digital processes, build new features, and produce applications, without needing an IT degree. Wouldn’t that allow you to supercharge your business processes and drive change with unthinkable possibilities?

With Flows you are just a click away from building all of your desired workflows and installing your favourite apps without constraint, or a coding degree, in one single platform.

Omnichannel loyalty

Supercharge your roadmap

Deliver new features and applications without the tech headache.

One single tool

Orchestrate and coordinate between all of your systems and 3rd parties.

Automate in real-time

Create seamless workflows that allow you to react to events as they happen.

Integrate with anyone

Easily integrate with any of your current systems at speed.

Empower every team in your workplace

If you are looking to improve and boost performance across all teams within your workspace, Flows is the platform for you!  Our plug-in platform makes it easy for all members of any of your teams to set-up and automate their own codeless workflows, simple, fast, with ease.


What if you could reduce your production backlogs and eliminate the need for a full development cycle?

Responsible gaming

Imagine if you could monitor your players behaviour in true real-time on demand and automate RG processes?

Risk and fraud

If you could detect and eliminate potential risk and fraud cases on-demand how would it change things?


Are you looking for a solution to supercharge your CRM’s capabilities with hyper personalised campaigns?

Customer support

How is your customer response time? Would automating your support process improve customer satisfaction?


What if you could Eliminate lengthy time-consuming daily manual tasks such as manual whitelisting and tagging, wouldn’t that free up valuable time for your payments team?

Connect your favourite apps fast and easily

Where would we be without the use of apps? With Flows App Marketplace, you are just a click away from installing and connecting all of your favourite apps in one place, in your Flows environment. What’s more, with Flows, our marketplace doesn’t just give you the standard integration out of the box, it gives you the power to customise how you use and enhance what you already have to best suit your needs.

Coupling the pre integrated marketplace with our no-code Flows builder, enables ultimate innovation in a single view, at speed, without constraint.
Flows open world app marketplace

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