Liberalising innovation and accelerating delivery

Flows is an innovation platform that enables iGaming companies to automate their digital processes, build digital features, and produce applications, without writing a single line of code. Flows securely ingests
data from any feed, learns it, and lets you use it to build automated
workflows through a no-code Flows builder.

Driving digital automation, without the need to code

With Flows, organisations have full ownership of their product roadmaps, can integrate with any app or data source quickly, coordinate multiple systems, and automate workflows in real time.

Own your roadmap, without the need to code

Deliver new features and
applications from within your teams and without back end development

Coordinate your systems with a single tool

Flows can sit between any or all of your systems (from PAM & sportsbook to suppliers) and allow you to create workflows and applications between them

Integrate with
anyone, at speed

Flows is agnostic and can securely integrate with your systems as well as any additional 3rd parties you wish to use

Work in real time

Flows reacts to information in real-time to ensure there is no latency in your workflows

What can Flows do for you?

Flows works by ingesting and monitoring data from various data sources and using this data to trigger one or more workflows (flows). This data is then passed through a series of logical stages and used to call external applications.