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Nov 9, 2023

Automating player engagement: the next big thing?


Engaging new players has become a big focus for many gambling operators, especially at a time when the industry has become increasingly competitive. But quite often, building and implementing a player engagement strategy can come with its own set of challenges.

So what role can automation play in player engagement?

Malou Neguembor, Head of Client Success at Flows, was joined by Andrew Micallef, Chief Product Officer at High Roller, to discuss their ongoing partnership and the importance of automation in building an effective player engagement strategy.

SBC: Andrew, can you begin by telling us why High Roller initially chose to partner with Flows 

AM: Flows lets us do things that usually take days, weeks, if not months of development. So we save time and resources and deliver faster. It’s really a no brainer. And when I say things, I mean a lot of things, from simple alerts to segmentation, pushing data to third parties, gamification, etc.

SBC: And how has partnering with Flows enabled you to streamline your player engagement strategy? Has it changed the way you approach player engagement at all? 

AM: We use multiple tools for player engagement; some are real-time, and some are not. With Flows we are able to push real-time events at the same time to all of these tools, hence we can then have campaigns in the different tools based on their objective.

The one major change is that with Flows we focus a lot more on real-time engagement and we can easily adapt and create new “triggers”.

SBC: What are both of your key aims for this collaboration going forward? 

MN: At Flows, our primary aim for this collaboration is to foster a symbiotic relationship where both parties thrive. We aim to continuously enhance High Roller’s player engagement through our advanced automation capabilities, driving increased player loyalty and revenue. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and understanding the evolving needs of the igaming industry, we aspire to be a pivotal partner for High Roller.

AM: We want to be able to rely more on Flows without needing more third-party integrations. This will help both parties up their game in the industry and become more competitive with an evolved product.


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