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AI automation

Aug 23, 2023

A new era for igaming: Flows’ James King on finding the intersection of AI, automation & UX


The use of artificial intelligence has been the focus of many igaming conferences in the last few years. How can we use AI? Should we be using this technology? How will AI help streamline your business?

According to James King, CEO of Flows, AI has undeniably revolutionised the user experience across multiple different industries – including iGaming. In an interview, he walks us through some of the impacts that AI has had on the betting and gaming sector, highlighting the work that Flows’ voice-activated technology, Flo, is doing to increase adoption of AI.

SBC: We’ve seen more companies begin to adopt artificial intelligence technology, especially when it comes to delivering a more personalised experience  – in your opinion, why do you think this is becoming increasingly popular?

JK: The surge in AI adoption within the online gambling and sports betting industry stems from a long-standing desire for personalised interactions, amplified by recent technological accessibility.

Players increasingly seek tailored experiences, resulting in enhanced engagement and loyalty. For operators, AI not only facilitates this customisation but also aids in detecting problematic gaming behaviours, fostering trust and ensuring player safety.

Previously, the complexity of AI solutions limited their use to tech giants. However, the emergence of platforms like OpenAI and no-code automation tools has democratised AI access. Today, with clearer comprehension of AI’s capabilities and easier integration methods, businesses are poised to deliver more intuitive and personalised online gambling experiences.

SBC: Do you find that there are certain verticals within the betting and gaming industry that are more likely to utilise AI, or are there use cases for every type of company?

JK: Ultimately there are use cases for not just each business but every department within all businesses. You can divide in two parts for a business, one that is internally facing use cases like improved efficiencies and automation within processes or fast-tracking software development and delivery etc and then externally facing use cases, like personalising player interaction, detecting risk or bonus abuse from players etc .

A software solution like ours, Flows has a wide scope of use cases for both internally facing and externally facing teams and problems that can be solved. Our latest release harnesses the power of AI and couples it with our no-code Flows engine (and some magic we built in the middle of the two) to enable our partners to build software in seconds from just written or spoken commands.

“With Flo, the power to create sophisticated, intelligent workflows is as simple as speaking or typing your ideas into existence.”

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