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Supercharge Your CRM with Flows

Mar 27, 2024

Flow of the Week: Supercharge Your CRM and entire tech stack with Flows


Imagine a platform that not only elevates your CRM system but your entire tech stack beyond its current capabilities. Flows integrates effortlessly with a multitude of third-party systems—ranging from CRM to data platforms, and beyond—to unlock unprecedented functionality. This versatility allows Flows to supercharge the potential of essential business tools across many categories through real-time automation. By serving as the crucial link in your tech stack, Flows ensures seamless integration and cooperation among diverse tools and platforms, seamlessly enhancing business efficiency and adaptability across all operations. This innovation enhances user engagement and optimises operations across the board.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s how Melvin Ritsema, Co-founder & CEO at Xcite Ventures, describes their experience with Flows:
“We chose Flows to enhance our CRM and platform capabilities because it gives us much more flexibility and real-time player engagement tools with which to work with. Through the simple flow builder, we can execute almost any (real-time) promotional campaign through Optimove and any other player interaction that we can come up with without the need for developers, sprint release delays or roadmaps. A new feature can be added in just an hour or two. The flows team is also extremely knowledgeable and good with the tool itself, and if we’re unsure how to build a new feature (flow), they will always jump in to help us!”

This example from a key industry player demonstrates the power of Flows, showing that Flows can inject speed, adaptability, and real-time interactivity into all business operations, and in this specific use case significantly enhancing their CRM.

For this Flow of the Week, we will examine these CRM examples in depth and explain how Flows can seamlessly integrate with any CRM tool to supercharge your CRM strategy and customer experience.

The Challenge: high volume data and real-time automation

CRM platforms are essential for tracking customer interactions and managing relationships, but they often lack the agility to process high-volume data in real time or automate complex, cross-departmental and/or cross-brand workflows and gamification. Businesses need a solution to bridge this gap, enhancing their CRM’s functionality without cumbersome workarounds or extensive IT involvement.

The solution: Flows’ No-Code automation

Flows complements your existing CRM, such as Optimove, by adding a layer of real-time automation and advanced data manipulation. It’s not here to replace your CRM but to enhance it, providing the agility and intelligence your business needs to stay ahead.

Supercharge Your CRM with Flows


How Flows Works with Your CRM

Flows: Supercharging CRM Capabilities without replacing them

Flows is designed to complement, not substitute, CRM platforms. By integrating with CRM tools such as Optimove, Flows provides capabilities that are not inherently part of traditional CRM systems:

  • Real-time engagement: Flows integrates with your CRM to enable real-time triggering of customer actions, allowing for instant and relevant responses.
  • Real-time data processing: Flows processes millions of triggers per second, down to game spin level, enabling teams across the business to truly automate the customer experience and business operations in full real-time.
  • Advanced automation: Beyond typical CRM functionalities, Flows automates complex processes across various business units, enabling a more cohesive and efficient operation.
  • Data manipulation and Insights: With Flows, you can harness your data in new ways, building your own KPIs and enriching your CRM’s understanding of customer behaviours and preferences while also offering new ways to leverage information for strategic advantage.

A Real-World Example: Optimove and Flows Integration

Xcite Ventures recently integrated Flows with their Optimove CRM to leverage the Track & Trigger functionality. This integration, achieved in just a few days, enabled them to automate a sophisticated customer engagement strategy that responds in real-time to individual customer behaviours.
Enhance personalisation, ensuring every customer interaction is tailored and timely, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“Flows is a cutting-edge tool that extracts data from multiple sources, accelerating development and empowering organisations to break down silos and synchronise multiple systems at one single source.
Imagine integrating every conceivable data point, from payment gateway data to bonus setups from game providers, into RG tools that sync in real-time with your Optimove CRM.
Operators who leverage Flows and Optimove can connect the dots seamlessly, enhancing their MarTech setup.”

Daniel de souza – Global Director of Partnerships, Optimove

The Optimove app, within the Flows marketplace, serves as a powerful bridge, linking Flows’ extensive automation capabilities with Optimove’s targeted marketing prowess. This integration enables businesses to automate their marketing efforts directly within Flows, utilizing Optimove’s rich feature set, including its advanced segmentation, campaign management, and customer journey tools. Through this app, users can swiftly implement Optimove’s analytics and machine learning insights to trigger personalized, timely campaigns across various channels, all orchestrated within Flows’ intuitive no-code environment. This seamless connectivity enhances CRM strategies and turbocharges real-time, data-driven customer engagement and personalisation, leveraging the best of both platforms.

Supercharge Your CRM with Flows

The Impact: enhanced efficiency and cost savings

Flows isn’t just another tool—it’s a game-changer for your CRM strategy. By integrating Flows with your CRM system, like Optimove, you unlock new possibilities for automation, real-time engagement, and deep data insights, all while enhancing the core functionalities of your CRM. It’s time to move beyond traditional CRM limitations and embrace a more dynamic, responsive approach to customer relationship management with Flows.

And there you have it. If you want to learn more about Flows, see our platform live in action, or find out more about how our innovative tech can supercharge your business, get in touch.