Flow of the week – Tournaments


Build custom tournaments with automated payouts – Just Flow It!

Every online casino wants to have that “little bit extra” that makes them stand out from the other casinos. With the help of Flows innovative automation technology? your Casino team can innovate freely with custom rewards and tournaments.

If you can think it – you can Flow it

In this example we will show how you can set up your own Jackpot tournament that pays out when a player hits 10 losses in a row. The jackpot is then reset and starts all over again. Remember, your only limit is your imagination – you can set up a jackpot per game type or even per game. It can be based on wins, losses, win amounts, loss amounts, exclude bonus bets and so on. You could also set up custom tournaments for separate cohorts. Best of all, there’s no coding, no fuss – just Flows! ?

How do you Flow it? 

Trigger, Route and Save Data

Start your Flow by selecting the trigger, in this example the trigger is on a game spin event. We then route the flow based on if win or loss – and save data accordingly.

Increment the loss count and find the winner

The flow continues on the green path from the Jackpot storage with adding 1 to loss count for the individual user and then checks when any player reaches 10 losses in a row.

Pay out and reset Jackpot

Your flow here continues when a winner has been found. The Jackpot and loss counter is then reset, the winner is notified as well as the Casino team and the win is paid out.

Remember, with Flows you can innovate freely. Set up your custom tournaments to end at a specific time and send the leaderboard to your frontend for display, and/or send to your CRM to display in email – It’s all up to you – Just Flow It!

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