Flow of the week – Omni Loyalty

 Struggling with integrating your online and offline loyalty programs?

If the answer is yes, then you probably have a lot of frustrated customers who need balance different loyalty levels between your online and brick-and-mortar operations…a pain point as players, none of us want to have.

Don’t worry, at Flows we have it covered. In this Flow of the week we will show you just how easily you can set up your entire loyalty program and integrate it fully across all your customer channels – onsite, land-based or social, wherever your players are – Flows will be there too!

How do you Flow it? 

Trigger, get player details and segment

Start your Flow by selecting your trigger. This can be on deposit, game play or any other data that you wish to use for triggering a Loyalty update. Just point the data at Flows and get Flowing!

Flows then gets the player details from your player management system/casino platform and routes the flow based on any segmentation you wish to add; such as country, current level or player tags.

Can I update the levels and points instantly across all channels?

With Flows you can easily integrate and update across every player channel.

Onsite, land-based, app, social – wherever your players are, you can update their levels, points and rewards instantly using Flows innovative no-code platform! Ensuring a seamless player experience with your brand; no matter where they are playing.

How do I inform the player and grant rewards?

It’s as simple as – if you can think it, you can Flow it! 
Just build your flow exactly the way you want it – levelling up your players and granting bonuses and rewards in real-time as they are playing. You can even filter on if they are winning or losing and maybe give them some instant cashbacks if they are VIPs with an unlucky streak! With Flows, you can then notify them through their preferred communication channel with customised rewards and ensure a great customer experience across all channels.

Not only does this help you to fuel your retention strategy but it also provides you with a platform in which to execute a full cross-channel marketing strategy between your retail and online sites and entertainment venues so that each site works in tandem to add value and compliment each other.

If you want to find out more about how flows can help you to accelerate delivery and supercharge your innovation, get in touch [email protected]

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