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AI-powered automation

Sep 13, 2023

Redefining work in iGaming: Flows’ James King on blending human talent with AI-powered automation


Artificial intelligence, or AI, has become increasingly popular within the igaming industry as we all well know. But one such question that has often been floated around is ‘how can companies work alongside AI effectively to create a streamlined working environment?’

James King, CEO of Flows, believes that the answer lies in finding that meeting point between technology and the human touch.

For King, the intersection of automation, AI technology and human talent is somewhat of a ‘marriage made in heaven’ as it provides a prime opportunity for igaming companies to streamline their operations but also remove some of the administrative burdens and operational complexities placed on their workforce.

He began: “Adapting to the technological shift towards AI and automation is paramount for igaming companies. This is not merely a trend but a transformational force reshaping the industry and, to be honest, all industries now.

“Embracing AI and automation enables all companies to offer personalised experiences (whether B2C or B2B), optimise operations and make data-driven decisions, ensuring they remain competitive and relevant in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

“As consumer expectations rise, only those businesses that harness these advanced tools can truly meet demands and set new standards for innovation and engagement in the igaming space. Flows, being at the forefront of this movement, recognises that this adaptation isn’t just beneficial—it’s imperative.”

“This flexibility ensures that igaming platforms remain agile, adapting to changing market demands at speed and user preferences efficiently. “

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