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Dec 22, 2022

Keeping up the world cup momentum


Following on from last year’s World Cup momentum, our Director of Sales Domenico Mazzola talks to European Gaming Media about how data and no-code automation tools can help sportsbook operators convert casual bettors into long-term customers throughout 2023’s sporting calendar.

With online sportsbooks experiencing an unprecedented number of new registrations during the 2022 World Cup, we sat down with Flows sales director, Domenico Mazzola, to learn more about how data and no-code automation tools can help operators to convert casual bettors into long-term customers.

With the World Cup in Qatar creating a surge in new sign-ups, the main challenge for sportsbook operators now becomes finding new ways to convert these “big event” bettors into regular customers. As is so often the case in the gambling industry, the key here is customisation and personalisation, but in a way that really focuses on bettors’ needs and offers them something different, something special.

The tournament was a great opportunity to gather data insights and the best way to do this was to add  a bit of fun to their promotions while also collecting data that could be used to keep customers betting throughout the World Cup and beyond.

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