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Dragon Gaming

Apr 24, 2024

Slots provider Dragon Gaming fuels innovation with Flows


Dragon Gaming, a leading slots provider, has successfully integrated Flows, the premier no-code automation platform. This integration streamlines their processes, significantly boosting both innovation and operational efficiency.

Flows supports businesses by speeding up development and simplifying integrations through a single interface and workflow automation tool.

By adopting Flows, Dragon Gaming can now accelerate its development process and simplify integrations through an intuitive single interface and advanced workflow automation tools. This strategic move enables Dragon Gaming to rapidly build new engagement tools, enhancing the gaming experience for its users while leveraging Flows’ unmatched flexibility and user-friendliness.

Flows stands out as the most technology-agnostic software on the market, designed to integrate seamlessly with any existing technological infrastructure. This ensures businesses like Dragon Gaming can innovate without the limitations commonly associated with software development. The introduction of “Flo,” Flows’ innovative voice-activated AI software development tool, marks a significant advancement in digital product development. It empowers clients and partners to bring their innovative ideas to life swiftly and without the typical constraints of conventional development processes.

Ivars Dorofejevs, Business Development Manager at Dragon Gaming, said: Dragon Gaming is set to revolutionise standard gamification practices, enhancing player lifetime value while providing an extensive array of games such as video slots, table games, and skill games.We are thrilled about our partnership with Flows, whose solutions offer unparalleled versatility. This collaboration empowers us to customise and expand our offerings to partners, ensuring relevance and setting new standards in the market.”


Domenico Mazzola, Director of Sales at Flows, said: We’re delighted to see Dragon Gaming harness the power of Flows to innovate and create new engagement tools. Their choice to utilise our no-code platform underscores the significant value and transformative potential it brings to forward-thinking slots providers. At Flows, we are passionately committed to empowering our clients like Dragon Gaming to unleash their creativity swiftly and seamlessly. By enhancing their game offerings with our platform, Dragon Gaming is not just elevating player engagement but is also setting a new benchmark for innovation in the gaming industry. This move marks an exciting future where technology and creativity blend to enrich the gaming experience.”

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About Flows

Pioneering the forefront of digital transformation, Flows introduces an advanced no-code automation platform. Our innovative tech  allows businesses to seamelessly automate digital tasks, design groundbreaking digital features, and launch applications effortlessly. Through Flows, organisations can integrate with any app or data source quickly, coordinate multiple systems, and automate workflows in real-time. 

At Flows, our vision centers on the democratization of digital creation. We’re passionate about leveling the playing field, enabling individuals and businesses alike to build and innovate without being hampered by technical complexities. And now with Flo, our AI-driven, language-activated capabilities, we’re uncluttering development roadmaps, making the creation process more intuitive and streamlined. Our goal is to supercharge innovation across industries, ensuring that the digital future is shaped by a diverse array of voices and visions, not just those with technical expertise. 



About Dragon Gaming 

Dragon Gaming, founded in 2020, is a dynamic force in the iGaming industry, driven by a relentless passion for innovation and player engagement. Specialising in a wide range of captivating games, including video slots, table games, and skill games, we are dedicated to redefining the gaming experience. Our commitment to excellence and creativity allows us to continually push boundaries, ensuring that every player encounters unforgettable entertainment. Join us as we lead the way in shaping the future of iGaming.