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VIP Loyalty Bonus

Apr 28, 2022

Flow of the week – VIP bad luck Loyalty bonus


 Struggling with automating your Player Loyalty Rewards? Just Flow it!

There are many ways to reward your loyal customers, and they do expect to be rewarded – fast and often! VIP players do not want to wait a whole week to receive cashback on their big losses when they have had a bad streak in your casino. They expect to have a lot of fun for their deposits.

So what happens if your VIP players experience really bad luck and encounter several losing spins in a row, high net losses or very low RTP during a session? Acting promptly and decisively, by offering an exciting incentive could be the difference between loyal player retention, and losing them to competitor. ⏱

With Flows you can automate and innovate your own Loyalty rewards program!

Just think of all the possibilities – Free Spins, Bonus or Cashback when they deposit X amount/times, bet X amount/spins, reached X in net losses, levelled up or just lost X times in a row.

Reward them instantly and with different rewards or reward amounts based on their level, tags or any other variable you would like to use. Then message them onsite to tell them about their reward. You can also send information to the frontend to display a loyalty bar or other counter or even send it in an email, so they can easily keep track of when they can expect their next reward.

Our Flow of the Week will reveal exactly how easy it is to re-engage VIP players, seamlessly automating valuable player loyalty rewards, simply using Flows’ innovative, no-code technology. ?

How do you Flow it? 

Trigger, route and save data

Start your Flow by selecting the Game spin trigger, then check if it is a win or a loss and store the total wins and loss amounts as well as the amount of spins lost in a row.

Calculate Net losses

The flow continues on the green path after successfully saving the data. You can then proceed to use the stored wins and losses to create your new variable for Net loss amount.

Check if criteria met, player level and calculate Reward amount

Your flow here continues once any of the criterias have been reached in the Route Flow stages. In our example we have two checks – one if X spins has been lost in a row, and if that is not met, then we check if Net loss of X total has been reached. 

You can then proceed to check the player levels and/or tags or any other variable that you want to base your reward amount on. In our example, we split the rewards in three different loyalty levels and then calculate the reward amount as a percentage of their Net losses.

Give reward and send onsite message

You can now trigger the reward for your customer and send a message to to inform them. Here we also reset the variables used to trigger the reward so it will not be triggered again until the customer once again reaches the criteria.

Remember – this is just an example and you can innovate and automate quickly, freely and without code using Flows. Just add level up/downs criteria, send internal messages to VIP teams, trigger emails if player has not logged in and played for a while; reminding them about how little they have left to reach their next reward or about unclaimed rewards and so on.

Just go with the Flow!