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Supercharge your Customer Service

Nov 22, 2022

Flow of the week – Supercharge your Customer Service team to react in real-time


Customer experience and customer support truly go hand in hand, and are at the heart of every business. But there are of course always unavoidable factors that you can’t help that will leave your customer feeling unhappy with your product – and in the case of a casino, this is unavoidable for a losing customer. So, in this week’s Flow of the week – we will show you how you can make that losing experience much better for the customer by Flowing alerts, bonuses and messaging fully automated and in real-time!

Let’s take a look at some examples

Imagine you get a sign-up from an affiliate, pay a CPA and have all your great steps in place (using Flows of course) to convert the player into a depositor. They then make their first deposit and start playing – but oh no, they lose their first deposit in only a few minutes with really bad luck and low RTP. The player then goes and writes a bad review for the casino and never comes back, at this stage there isn’t much you can do, you have already lost the player and gained a negative reputation. But, what if you could have intervened before it got to that stage? You could use Flows to alert your Customer Support team in real-time as that first deposit has gone in only a few minutes, and have them reach out instantly to the player. Or why not automate a “second chance” bonus for those really unlucky first time depositors?

Or say you have a VIP with a really bad streak? The player might close the account immediately in frustration at not getting the entertainment they expected from their deposit . But, what if you could action triggers to act in real-time allowing your VIP or customer support teams to react instantly to their losing session by reaching out as the event takes place – or even automate messaging and cashback/bonus to turn the experience around and retain that VIP.

So how can you do this? Well, with Flows – if you can think it you can Flow it! But as always, at Flows, we also help with the thinking part – and the building of the Flow with help from our Flows Authors! So all you need to do is just sit back and let Flows help improve your retention and customer experience, while saving valuable time for your customer support and VIP team.

How do you Flow it? 

Trigger on losing spin and empty wallet

We start by triggering our example flow on a User Pocket event – and we route the flow to continue if the event is a losing spin and the current pocket/wallet amount is less than 1 Euro.

Can Flows store data internally?

One very powerful part of Flows is our Data storage. You are able to set locks on how many times per X minutes that you wish to run a path, as well as save and fetch data. Here we show an example of fetching the last Login time for the user. Data that is saved in Flows in another Flow running on every login. Player tags and other player information can also be stored directly in Flows – or fetched from any PAM such as Pragmatic Solutions. We continue our Flow by checking if the player is a VIP.

How can we calculate the loss?

As mentioned in the previous step, you can store data directly in Flows. So you can store bets and wins and calculate the loss directly in Flows. Or call your PAM using any of our quickly installed apps to collect this information.

In our example we collect the total loss for the player since the last login and continue our flow if the player has lost more than X euro.


To complete our Flow of the Week, we fetch all the player details that would be useful for the CS/VIP team and send all this information in a Losing VIP Slack alert to the team. Enabling them to see all the information they need quickly and in real-time, to decide on quick action for the VIP that just had a losing session.

You may also calculate an immediate percentage for Cashback, or offer a bonus/freespins and send an automated message to the player. Just let it Flow!

“I am so impressed with flows as a product, both for reporting and helping to increase the engagement of our players I have found it so useful, and as a manager the time I have saved whilst flows is working in the background is invaluable. The automation possibilities seem endless, and our dedicated Flows author has been a fantastic guide, not only helping in the building and teaching, but the creative ideas they bring to the table have made a impact on our business commercially, thanks so much for this amazing product!”    – Nathaniel Riley, Head of Player Operations at the WKND

If you want to find out more about how flows can help you to accelerate delivery and supercharge your innovation, get in touch