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Aug 9, 2022

Flow of the week – Ready to strengthen your RG controls?


It’s more important than ever that your business grows towards a sustainable future.  One of the most effective ways that you can ensure that, is to actively work on reducing harmful gambling and strengthen your Responsible Gaming controls. There is no better way to achieve this than to automate your responsible gaming process, message and alerts. 

Declined deposits, cancelled withdrawals, long game play sessions, frequent high deposits and many more indicators of harmful gambling can easily be monitored and actioned instantly – so that you can grow your business while advocating safe play. With Flows you can effectively increase retention rates and reduce revenue from harmful gambling, without the need to hire additional resources.

Flows no-code workflow automation platform allows you to accelerate delivery to meet the growing Responsible, Legal, and compliance regulatory demands.  For example, why not build your own fully automated RG Risk scoring using Flows innovative platform?

“With Flows we are able to segment players based on potential harm indicators and automate interactions to advocate safe play. We have seen some amazing results using Flows for automated customer messaging – such as 35% less Time Outs and 14% less closures compared to control groups. We have also seen great results in retention rate week on week for players who have received the automated message. I am seeing many opportunities with Flows to enhance Sustainable Play actions and experience.”  – Lisa, Player Sustainability Manager at the WKND.

But, don’t just listen to Lisa, find out for yourself how flows makes it possible for you to keep one step ahead when it comes to  sustainable play and responsible gaming requirements.

So, How do you Flow it? 

Flow example 1 – Long session notice and Cool-off

Trigger on every game spin and check the time since login

Start your Flow by triggering it directly on every game spin. Then fetch the stored last login time and compare to the event time of the spin to calculate how long the player has been logged in and playing.

Route the flow based on how long the player has been logged in for. In our example here we continue the flow if a player has been logged in for over 2 hours. We then alert the RG team and send an automated RG message to the customer.

What if the player has been logged in for even longer? Here we check again if over 3 hours have passed, and we then send another message, set a cool-off period for the customer and notify the RG team.

You can add routing and actions based on segmentation, NGR in the last day/week/month/lifetime, deposits, other RG-indicators and so on. There are no limits to how you Flow it – just start Flowing!

Flow example 2 – Velocity deposits and Declined deposits

With Flows you can easily branch out into different actions in the same Flow. In this example we are splitting the Flow based on if successful deposit or declined. We then store the success and declined count and further route the flow based on count as well as declined reason.

Then continue your flow with the needed actions. In our example we are sending one RG message per language and per route. But you can easily send onsite messages, emails, set limits, cool-offs, add player tags, notify the RG team and/or store the player in a monitoring list. The possibilities are endless and can all be done in real-time and built in minutes! 

Flow example 3- Risk scoring

With so many factors to consider for Sustainable Play, why not build your own risk scoring? Set up triggers such as cancelled withdrawals, velocity deposits, long game play or playing late in the night/early morning that will automatically add to the players Risk score, and once the risk score gets to a certain level – fully automate actions and alerts.
In the example above we add 1 to the Risk score if the player is triggering a game spin during set late evening/early morning schedules (fully customisable per country/region/time zone).

These are just a few examples of how Flow’s no-code technology can help you to effectively improve your processes and procedures to ensure you meet the ever changing regulatory requirements and avoid hefty penalties. 

Flows works with affiliate networks, operators and suppliers alike to supercharge delivery and increase innovation, while reducing operational and development costs.

If you want to find out more about how flows can help you businesses become more proactive, productive and successful through our no-code automation platform. get in touch