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Flows Twitter app

Sep 15, 2022

App of the week – Twitter


We recently announced the launch of the Flows app marketplace, which means our partners are just one click away from installing their favourite tools and services into their Flows environment. 

From Google Sheets to Slack, Mailgun, dilisense and more, with Flows app marketplace our partners can seamlessly sync their business data in one place and use it however they please within our no-code automation platform. 

Last week we launched our ‘App of the week’ blog series, where we will introduce you to a new app each week and how, combined with Flows, it can benefit your business and be customised beyond ‘just an integration’. This week our ‘App of the week’ is Twitter, we all know it. Most of us use it to share news and updates about our business and follow what’s going on in our industry, but with Flows app integration you can do so much more with Twitter than to simply schedule the time of posts. 

Below are some examples of how you can use Twitter with Flows to actively improve your business processes whether you are an operator, supplier or affiliate.

Operators  – Celebrate your biggest winners on-demand 

Flows for operators

With flows you can set tags in your no-code workflows to trigger when a winner reaches a certain win amount, to automatically send this data directly to Twitter. This not only saves your customer service and social media teams a lot of hours analysing data before posting, but it also allows you to share key milestones with your followers directly as it happens. 

Suppliers  – Promote a safer, more responsible gaming strategy 

Flows for suppliers

Responsible gaming has never been so important within the gaming industry as it is today, one of the most effective ways that you can ensure sustainable play is to seamlessly automate your responsible gaming processes, messages and alerts via our no-code innovation technology. However, with Flows app marketplace you can take it a step further and notify your target market audience of key RG milestones  – Reached a key average milestone % in reducing self-exclusion or failed deposit alerts for your partners? Impressive, now doesn’t that make a nice data marketing point to shout about on your social media? Especially around the time of responsible gaming week. 

Affiliate marketing  –  Promote real-time events

Flows for affiliates

With Flows you can set workflows to automatically trigger bonuses promotions and live odds from different operators on specific days for specific sports events such as the Italy V England match on 23rd September for example direct to your Twitter feed.  You could also set up ‘Bet boost’ automations to trigger boosted odds directly to Twitter to promote the latest enhanced odds in the lead up specific sports events such as the updated odds on the first try scorer for Australia or New Zealand for the New Zealand V Australia rugby match on Saturday 24th September for example so that the latest odds are always in front of your audience.

These are just a few examples of how you can benefit from the Flows app marketplace using Twitter. If you want to find out more about Flows, the marketplace and how our no-code automation platform can help you to empower your innovation contact us to book a demo.