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Get RG Cooloff Period

This request gets the period and details set for a player Cool-off

Assign Bonus

This request offers a special bonus to the specified player.

Get Player Bonus History

Get Player Transaction Summary

Check Email Exist

Player has Bonus Eligible

Check if Player is eligible for the specified BonusID

Get Active Tags

This request retrieves active tags with list of tags and color

Get Player Game Play

Delete Player Tag

Get Player Total Bet/Loss/Win Amount - UNIX

Get Player Total Bet/Loss/Win Amount

Add a Player Tag

This request adds a new tag for the specified player.

Set RG Closed

Player Has Tag

Set RG Cool Off Period

Get Player Wallet

Get Player Profile

Get user deposits

This request retrieves a list of deposits for the specified player. This list consists of deposits made by the player and their status.

Get Player Eligible Bonuses

This request retrieves a list of eligible bonuses for the specified player. Based upon the value of criteria type parameter as LOGIN, this API retrieves all eligible bonuses.

Assign Bonus with comment

Get Player Instruments

Get Player Game Play - UNIX

Get Player KYC level

Get Deposit Summary

This request retrieves deposit summary of the specified Player. Summary consists of details such as successful deposit count and amount during the given timeframe and lifetime successful deposit count and amount, as well as FTD information.

Player Has Segment

Get Player Segments

Get new Token

Add Account Note

Adds a comment/note on the player account

Get Player KYC Details

Get Player Tags

Delete Player Tag - BULK

Update Player Category

This request updates the player category for the specified player. The player categories are play_user, real_user, rg_cool_off, closed, suspended, and fraud.

Get Player Subscriptions

Get Player Net Deposits

This request retrieves net deposit summary, as well as deposit and cashout summary, for the specified player and duration. If the start date and end date are not passed then it retrieves lifetime deposit summary of the Player.

Get RG Closed Details

Returns if player is RG closed, true or false