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land-based loyalty

Nov 25, 2022

The importance of innovation


The iGaming industry will always be a very competitive space, so what do businesses really need to focus on today, to stay ahead of the latest trends and ensure they continuously differentiate themselves from the competition?

Operators – and in fact any businesses – must differentiate themselves from the competition and have their own identity. Not only in the offers they give, but also in the way their brand looks and feels as well as the level of service they offer to customers.

The igaming industry has always been a very competitive space. Depending on the data they’re collecting and monitoring from their players, operators can evolve their personalised offers continuously if they have the right innovative technology that enables them to do so.

This ensures a player feels that they are receiving a hand-picked promotion or offer which takes into account their habits, spending amounts, locations and favourite games. That can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool for casino brands.

Find out more on what our CEO James King has to say about the importance of having access to true real-time data and the technology that allows you to fully utilise it, while considering how enhancing gameplay with gamification and social streaming can fuel player loyalty in this exclusive interview with IGB.