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Cracking north America

Aug 3, 2022

Tech Innovation: The Key to Cracking North America


How can smaller operators compete in the mammoth US market? And what roles do tech and marketing play in the path to success? Our Director of Sales, Domenico Mazzola, talks to Gaming Americas about how important it is to get the tech right for operators looking to enter the US market, the need to better equip themselves to negotiate the US regulatory landscape and why the gambling industry should be more willing to share things like API’s and open-source technology.

“The gambling industry, more than most other industries, is one that is made up of a large number of providers: payments, games, KYC, platforms, etc. Through more open APIs, innovation can come from 3rd parties that create middleware software that leverages APIs from multiple providers all at onceUltimately, making this more accessible makes it much easier for the industry to streamline work processes and become more innovative and efficient.”

Find out what else Domenico has to say in Gaming Americas.