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May 30, 2024

Tackling integration obstacles: how to alleviate challenges to ensure long-term success


Andrew Doublesin, Chief Product Officer at Flows, addresses the numerous challenges with innovating from the ground up, how to tackle difficulties with integration and what developments the company has on the radar.

SBC NewsThanks for joining us today. Could you start by explaining what system integrations are and why they are important for businesses?

Andrew Doublesin: System integrations refer to the process of connecting different software systems and applications to enable them to work together seamlessly and share data efficiently. They play a vital role in modern businesses by optimising processes, improving collaboration, and enabling innovation.

SBCN: Building on that, can you describe how system integrations are typically implemented? What are the different types of integrations available, and what unique benefits does each type offer?

AD: System integrations can be implemented using various techniques and technologies depending on the requirements and systems involved.  Some of the most common approaches include:

Point-to-Point Integration: In this approach, systems are connected directly to each other using custom code or APIs without an intermediary.

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