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Revolutionise Responsible Gambling

Mar 9, 2023

How The Right Tech Can Revolutionise Responsible Gambling


Our Director of Sales, Domenico Mazzola talks to iGaming Future about Flows, our award winning integration and automation platform about how the right technology can effectively revolutionise responsible gambling. Find out what he has to say about how Flows can help iGaming businesses to truly streamline the KYC process, better manage risk and responsibility, reinforce user restrictions and create a more sustainable environment for all.

With online casino guidance on proper responsible gambling protocol a constantly-evolving industry topic, we sat down with Flows’ Domenico Mazzola to discuss how no-code automation platforms can help businesses stay ahead of the curve and provide a safer, more enjoyable experience to their users

No matter what markets they operate in, one of the biggest challenges gambling operators face on a daily basis is making sure their offering remains compliant in an ever-shifting regulatory landscape – and using the right tech can certainly help them make this time-consuming process a great deal easier.

As regulators don’t often give operators much of a heads-up when directives change, being obligated to manually update their workflows each time can significantly disrupt an organisation’s roadmap. By using a no-code automation platform, however, they can easily review their processes and add any mandatory steps that are required on demand, ensuring that their operations can continue as normal.flows

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