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Land-based loyalty

Nov 17, 2022

Domenico Mazzola, Flows: building land-based loyalty


Today, the competition for acquiring and retaining customers among land-based casinos has become fiercer than ever, so what can operators do to stand out? Find out what our Director of Sales, Domenico Mazzola has to say about the importance of harnessing player data to provide a more personalised loyalty scheme and overall service in this exclusive interview with Casino Beats.

CasinoBeatsWith most brick-and-mortar casinos boasting some kind of loyalty scheme, customer retention is a huge deal in the land-based sector. What can operators do to stand out from the competition?

Domenico Mazzola: It’s really important that operators differentiate themselves from the competition, not only in the way their brand looks and level of service they offer, but also how they present themselves and that service to their customers.

Creating a first-class user experience is vital in helping you to stand out from the competition and ensuring your customers continue to play with you. That experience is about more than just the onboarding process or the initial content offering you present to them – it’s also about creating a personalised service that will make them feel valued and invested in what you have to offer.

By amplifying their personalised and localised marketing campaigns, land-based casino operators can tailor their promotions on a much more individual level. Depending on the data they’re collecting and monitoring from their players, casino chains can adjust their personalised offers to reflect things like geolocation, or even the weather on a day that a customer comes to visit.

All of these things can help a customer feel that they’re not just receiving a blanket communication, but rather a hand-picked promotion that takes into account their current location and circumstances – and that can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool for casino brands.

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