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Apr 26, 2024

Beyond automation: Supercharging third-party systems with Flows’ no-code innovation


In an era where technological agility and efficiency are paramount, Flows emerges as a game-changer for businesses seeking to amplify their existing third-party systems’ capabilities.

Spearheaded by CEO James King, Flows provides a revolutionary no-code automation platform that enables customers to build products, features and much more without the need for coding. This platform enhances operational processes and seamlessly integrates diverse systems—from data platforms and payment gateways to KYC and compliance technologies.

By eliminating traditional coding requirements, Flows significantly increases speed to market, allowing companies to operate beyond their usual constraints and innovate freely. This innovative approach unlocks unparalleled efficiencies and insights, propelling companies forward in a fiercely competitive landscape

With an eye on the future, Flows also incorporates cutting-edge AI and voice-activated technology, ensuring businesses are equipped for the next wave of digital transformation.

In conversation with SBC Americas, King elaborates on the group’s unique positioning and contrast to “just” marketing tools, key insights that can be gained through integration, the importance of ensuring the correct balance between AI and the human touch and much more.

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