Liberalising innovation and accelerating delivery

Flows is an innovation platform that empowers your organisation to connect 3rd parties, produce applications and build features at speed, driving digital automation, without the need to code.

"Importantly, the data – or the ‘firing pin’ – can be accepted in any form. This might be from a server, a web page, your mobile phone, an app or a stream of data - described as a ‘hosepipe’, such as Kafka or Rabbit."

Why Flows?


Accelerate delivery

Deliver new features, applications, integrations and more


Automate business workflows

Streamline processes and operations through Flows


Reduce reliance on technical teams

Empower your wider organisation to deliver innovation and drive change


Realtime business reporting

Create realtime dashboards and reporting

How we Flow

Flows works by integrating with any API or data stream (such as Kafka and RabbitMQ) you point at it. 

Flows learns your data in realtime to then allow you to customise what you do and how you interact with that data.

Using the Flows intuitive none coding interface, your organisation can create applications, features, workflows and more.

Get flowing in 3 easy steps

Step 1
Point your data at us
Step 2
Connect your applications
Step 3
Write a no-code flow

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