Intelitics eyes North American push via Flows alliance

Performance marketing and analytics provider Intelitics has rolled-out an alliance with Flows in a bid to provide added value to customers in the North American market and beyond.

The strategic partnership allows Flows’ customers to have seamless, real-time access to Intelitics, without the need to go through an additional integration.

This, the company says, strengthens its drive to offer choice to its customers through a single integration with Flows, and ensures that they are not limited with who they can partner with.

For Intelitics, the partnership means it can layer on data to help inform its business intelligence tools, to allow customers to customise what they can do with the data as well as using Flows to create additional features and applications.

James King, CEO at Flows, explained: “Flows and Intelitics are two companies that are dedicated to pushing the boundaries in order to allow our customers to innovate and grow at scale.

“By joining forces, we can take this to the next level by providing partners with the ability to customise real-time data and by giving them the ability to build features and tools without code. This is a powerful combination and one that we believe will deliver tremendous added value to the North American market.”

Intelitics provides online sportsbook and casino operators with a single platform that allows them to track, analyse and grow all acquisition partnerships and campaigns across web and mobile through access to real-time data, which is designed to unlock hidden revenue and boost ROI.

Allan Stone, CEO at Intelitics, commented: “This strategic partnership between Flows and Intelitics will provide marketers in the US and beyond with the data and ability to develop and build the tools they need to extract the greatest value from it.

“The marketing war is already underway in North America but with the focus shifting from growth at any cost to growth at sustainable cost, marketers are going to have to use data to inform decisions and refine campaigns based on what it is telling them.

“The combination of Intelitics and Flows enables them to do just that. This really is a great partnership and one that benefits the customers of both businesses.”

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