James King to Head Up Robin Reed Backed iGaming Start-up, Flows

Former Director of Sales for Gaming Innovation Group, James King has started in his new role as Chief Executive of iGaming start-up Flows.

This exciting new company was launched by former GiG CEO Robin Reed, who has entrusted King to manage the business.

Flows main objective as a company is to absorb data from its partners to then facilitate the data being presented in any selected format, be it to the front-end, via Slack message or any other API.

The Flows brand has been uniquely positioned to “democratise innovation” and “empower the workforce” through achieving their tech goals whilst simultaneously removing the heavy burden often placed on a firm’s in-house tech or IT teams. However, Partners do not have to rely solely on a third party as Flows enables them to write their own flows and drive more business.

King, who has been tasked with assembling his own commercial team, said Flows has the potential to reduce lengthy integrations from months to weeks, days and eventually hours, allowing for a truly agnostic industry.

The former Clarion Gaming sales director said: “Many people within your organisation need access to data, digital capabilities and resources, and increasingly, they need to build without the direct help of IT.

“In the wake of Covid-19, where everyone is working remotely, the notion that everybody in your company needs more access to digital capabilities has become urgent.

“We want to deliver API-led connectivity that liberates resources, allowing our partners to innovate and to move quickly.

“I believe that the killer of innovation is not legacy systems but legacy mindset. We want to drive that change in mindset across this great industry.

“Our aim is to give everyone the agnostic building blocks to drive innovation quickly and at scale,” he added.

Flows is currently in pre-sale mode. The functionality is up and running but the UX is still being developed, while a brand image could be released by the end of August.

The costs associated with its SaaS model will be based on usage rather than fixed fees. Flows has already gotten off to a strong start, with two operator brands (on separate licenses) already onboarded and a third operator in the pipeline. A very busy and exciting future ahead for this start-up.

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