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Lion Gaming

Sep 26, 2023

Flows signs Lion Gaming to its Platform


Flows, the industry’s no-code innovation platform, signs with premium casino and sportsbook provider Lion Gaming as its latest client.

Flows have today signed with premium white-label iGaming platform supplier Lion Gaming ( for the provision of its innovative no-code automation platform, allowing Lion Gaming and its customers to take full advantage of Flows no-code plug-in technology. 

Integrating Flows with Lion Gaming’s platform enables innovative and fast delivery of new features and applications without code and with ease. Orchestrating different data points from multiple systems and triggers in one place will allow them to accelerate go-to-market features and integration opportunities while reducing development time and operational costs.

Lion Gaming is a leading online casino and sportsbook platform provider, consistently raising the bar with its innovative white-label and turnkey solutions. At the heart of their offerings is the Fer0x Engine, a groundbreaking platform engineered to bolster the success and growth of its partners. Beyond offering traditional iGaming software, Lion Gaming has carved a niche in the iGaming industry as a leading provider of blockchain and web3 iGaming solutions and by crafting tools specifically designed to enhance customer acquisition, retention, and profitability for their customers.

Flows was built to be the most agnostic piece of software on the market that can sit alongside any other piece of technology that a business has to then enable it to innovate freely and without constraint. Flows, a plug-in no-code platform, supports businesses in accelerating development and fast-tracking integrations in a single interface and workflow automation tool. Flows works with affiliate networks, operators and suppliers alike. 

Flows supports businesses by speeding up development and simplifying integrations through a single interface and workflow automation tool. With Flows’ no-code approach, Lion Gaming and its customer base can effortlessly connect different data sources such as their CRM systems, payment gateways, and affiliate networks, at speed using a single interface, allowing them to have a unified view of their operations. 

Most recently, Flows unveiled “Flo” to the world, its language (spoken or written) activated AI software development tool revolutionising the way we build new digital products. Flows clients and marketplace partners can now deliver new features and products, big and small at breakneck speed. No roadmaps needed…no precious dev time taken up…no need to spend significant amounts on others to deliver for you.. just ask Flo.  

Duncan McIntyre, President & CEO of Lion Gaming said, “As a company committed to building the most innovative iGaming solutions, Lion Gaming is thrilled to partner with Flows. With their advanced technology, we will be able to accelerate product development and simplify integration processes. These two advantages empower us to not only maintain our commitment to delivering bleeding-edge features to our customers, but to do so quicker than ever before.”

James King, CEO  of Flows said:   We are delighted to have secured Lion Gaming as a client. I’ve eagerly followed Duncan’s progress with Lion Gaming and I am immensely proud that Flows will play a part in supporting and enhancing their journey. They’re an innovative supplier that recognise the value and the benefits that Flows can bring them. We’re looking forward to seeing how Lion Gaming embrace and utilise Flows game-changing technology.”

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For more information about Flows, contact [email protected] 

For more information about Lion Gaming, visit or contact [email protected] 

About Flows

Pioneering the forefront of digital transformation, Flows introduces an advanced no-code automation platform. Our innovative tech  allows businesses to seamlessly automate digital tasks, design groundbreaking digital features, and launch applications effortlessly. Through Flows, organisations can integrate with any app or data source quickly, coordinate multiple systems, and automate workflows in real-time. 

At Flows, our vision centers on the democratization of digital creation. We’re passionate about leveling the playing field, enabling individuals and businesses alike to build and innovate without being hampered by technical complexities. And now with Flo, our AI-driven, language-activated capabilities, we’re uncluttering development roadmaps, making the creation process more intuitive and streamlined. Our goal is to supercharge innovation across industries, ensuring that the digital future is shaped by a diverse array of voices and visions, not just those with technical expertise 

About Lion Gaming

Lion Gaming is a premier iGaming technology platform provider pioneering the future of the iGaming industry with bleeding-edge white label and turnkey casino and sportsbook solutions. Lion Gaming’s solutions are powered by the Fer0x Engine, an advanced platform engineered for the success of operators worldwide. Their solutions are custom-built to drive acquisition, retention, and profitability for their partners.