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Jan 11, 2022

Flows ‘humbled’ as it strikes partnership deal with CasinoFriday


Flows and CasinoFriday have signed a partnership agreement that will allow the operator to build new features and workflows.

Launched on Pragmatic Solutions full API-based platform in Q4 2020, privately owned CasinoFriday’s integration has already been completed, and real time data driven features and applications created by the operator have gone live due to Pragamtic’s modular platform.

“We’re really excited to have partnered with CasinoFriday and humbled that a team of industry veterans saw the potential and value in Flows at such an early stage,” explained James KingCEO at Flows.

“From a practical point of view this partnership has allowed us to prove our agnostic ability and speed of integration in both the pragmatic integration but also with other 3rd parties used by CasinoFriday from Optimove through to slack (enabling future partners to easily access these too).

“What’s been fun following the integration go-live has been to see the types of Flows (features and applications) that the CasinoFriday team have been building and putting live. There are Flows that are adding additional customisation to their CRM, they’ve built a refer a friend feature, reactivation Flows, they’ve built Flows for responsible gambling and player safety as well as risk and fraud detection Flows to name just a few, and this is only the start for them.

“This is an exciting time for us as we onboard more partners and get to see the multitude of ways that they use Flows.”

Flows is built to be”one of the most agnostic pieces of software on the market,” that is able to sit alongside any other piece of technology that an operator has or uses to then enable its partners to “innovate freely and without constraint”.