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Dec 23, 2023

Flow of the Week: Keep your business on track during the holidays


The holiday season is a time for joy and relaxation, but for businesses, it can also be a period of reduced staff availability. Ensuring smooth operations during this time is crucial for having your business on track, especially when key team members are away.

The challenge: Maintaining operational vigilance during festive time off

With many employees taking well-deserved breaks, businesses face the challenge of staying alert to critical activities across various domains, such as payments, registrations, and game provider activities. The key is to maintain operational efficiency and respond promptly to any anomalies or shifts from the norm.

The solution: Implementing Flows’ advanced alert system to track your business

To overcome these challenges, Flows’ no-code automation platform offers a robust alert system. This system can monitor key business areas and send alerts through various channels and devices, ensuring that critical issues are addressed even when staff are away.

Simple steps to setting up holiday alerts:

  1. Identify Key Business Areas for Monitoring:Action: Define critical operational areas like payments, registrations, and game provider activities.
    Result: Focus on areas that are most susceptible to issues during reduced staff periods.
  2. Configure Alert Triggers:Action: Set up triggers in Flows for deviations or anomalies in these key areas.
    Result: Automated detection of unusual activities or operational issues.
  3. Customize Alert Channels:Action: Choose how and where alerts should be received, whether via email, SMS, or other communication platforms.
    Result: Ensure the right people get notified on their preferred devices or channels.
  4. Implement Escalation Protocols:Action: Create protocols for different levels of alerts, determining who gets notified and when.
    Result: Efficient management of alerts, ensuring that critical issues are escalated to the appropriate personnel.
  5. Test and Refine the Alert System:Action: Run simulations to test the effectiveness of the alert system.
    Result: Fine-tuning of the system for optimal performance during the holiday season.


With Flows’ alert system, businesses can enjoy peace of mind during the holiday season. This system ensures that you’re always informed about critical operational aspects, allowing for prompt responses even when staff are enjoying their holidays. It’s an effective way to balance the need for festive breaks with the necessity of maintaining business vigilance.

Don’t let the holiday season disrupt your business operations. Contact us to learn more about Flows’ alert system and how it can keep you business on track during festive times and beyond – get in touch today!