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VIP player identification alert automation

Aug 1, 2023

Flow of the Week: VIP player identification alert automation


Are you looking for a way to create an alert when a player that is not yet a VIP places a high-value deposit? We have the answer; in this addition to our Flow of the Week blog series, we will show how you can build an automated flow to do just that in minutes with our no-code automation platform and AI-powered feature. 

Elevating the VIP Experience

In the highly competitive iGaming landscape, catering to VIP players is paramount. These high-value customers expect personalised attention, exclusive rewards, and a gaming journey like no other if they are to stay loyal. However, manually identifying VIP players and delivering tailored promotions can be time-consuming. But that is where Flows comes into play; with Flows creating and automating a VIP workflow becomes a breeze. With Flows you can automate workflows which action personalised promotions and rewards that resonate with each VIP player, ensuring a memorable and delightful gaming experience.

Flow’s AI-Powered development – A game-changer

By leveraging the power of Flow’s automation platform and AI-powered features, operators can elevate their VIP program to new heights, enhancing player engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction while increasing retention and revenue.

Below we will show you a powerful flow built using our innovative AI tool, Flo. This flow is triggered on a deposit, ensuring accurate validation of the deposit, checking if the amount exceeds €1,000, adding a Pragmatic app to fetch the player tags, and verifying if the player qualifies as a “VIP.” If not, it sends a message to Slack to notify the CRM team.


So, how do you Flow it?

Step 1: Deposit Trigger: The flow begins effortlessly when a player deposits on the iGaming platform. Flows swiftly captures the deposit data, setting the stage for the subsequent validation process.

Step 2: Flows confirms the deposit in real-time, ensuring the deposit’s accuracy and legitimacy. It cross-references the deposited amount with the player’s account details to confirm a successful transaction without hiccups.

Step 3: Check Deposit Amount: Flows handles numerical comparisons with ease. If the deposit amount surpasses €1,000, Flo automatically guides the flow to the next step. If not, the process concludes promptly, all thanks to Flo’s intuitive decision-making capabilities.

Step 4: Add Pragmatic App With Flows seamless integration capabilities, adding a Pragmatic app becomes a breeze. Flo sets up the app efficiently to fetch relevant player tags and preferences, laying the foundation for a personalised approach.

Step 5: Fetch Player Tag, Flows data handling capabilities come into play as the Pragmatic app efficiently collects the player’s tag from the database. With Flo’s assistance, this process is streamlined and frictionless.

Step 6: Verify VIP Status Flows driven logic effortlessly verifies the player’s tag to determine if they qualify as a “VIP.” If they are identified as VIPs, Flo gracefully concludes the process, enabling operators to cater to their exclusive needs. If the player doesn’t have the “VIP” tag, Flo propels the flow towards the final step.

Step 7: Send Slack Message Flows seamless communication abilities come to the fore as it promptly sends a notification to Slack. This alert system ensures that the designated team or personnel are instantly informed, allowing for swift follow-up and personalized attention to non-VIP players.

Step 8: Delete the placeholder manually and set the trigger ready for use, in this case, Deposit Call Back on Pragmatic.

And there you have it, a VIP player identification alert automation created within minutes automatically from the power of your text command. With Flo, creating Flows is faster and easier than ever before, so you can focus on what really matters: providing your players with the best gaming experience.

Stay tuned for more insights and updates in our next Flow of the Week!

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