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Feb 22, 2024

Flow of the week: Unleashing marketing jackpots


This week, we spotlight a breakthrough that’s making waves: Flows’ no-code platform is at the forefront of revolutionising the way marketing jackpots are created and deployed. Unlike traditional methods that often require extensive technical resources, Flows offers a streamlined, user-friendly solution. Our focus is on delivering customisable jackpot features that significantly enhance the offerings for partners and their players.

The challenge: Refreshing player engagement

Captivating and retaining player interest is a critical challenge in the iGaming industry. While jackpots have always been a staple for attraction, the demand for more adaptable and innovative features is growing. Operators seek solutions that can not only spark player engagement but also offer customisation and simplicity in implementation, without the need for deep technical involvement.

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The solution: Streamlined jackpot customisation with Flows

Flows introduce a transformative solution to this challenge, enabling our partners like for example Light & Wonder to swiftly design and launch marketing jackpots tailored to their unique requirements. Through Flows, jackpots are easily configured and personalised using straightforward forms, eliminating the necessity for coding or manual adjustments to the workflows. This approach showcases the efficiency and flexibility of no-code automation in enhancing gaming feature management.

Transforming iGaming Jackpots

Flows not only elevates the player experience with bespoke jackpot offerings but also arms operators with a dynamic tool for market differentiation. The capacity for rapid adaptation and innovation in jackpot features is now a reality, redefining engagement and player satisfaction.

Our CTO, Mike Broughton and CPO Andrew Doublesin at Light & Wonder stand at ICE 2024

Reshaping the iGaming landscape

By facilitating the effortless creation and customisation of marketing jackpots, we’re enabling operators to captivate players like never before. As we continue to break new ground, stay connected for more updates on how Flows is leading the digital evolution in iGaming and beyond.

Get in touch to find out more about Flows and how easy it is for you to implement this innovative feature.