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Mar 14, 2024

Flow of the Week: Unleashing custom race betting pop-up alerts


As the UK gets swept up in the excitement of the Cheltenham races, and with the Grand National fast approaching, we’re excited to highlight a revolutionary feature designed to solve a common challenge in horse racing betting: keeping bettors informed about their favourite horses’ performance on demand. Our innovative solution? Personalised horse racing pop-ups powered by our platform’s advanced technology.

This feature allows operators to leverage custom ‘flows’ to generate on-demand updates for their bettors, ensuring they stay informed and engaged, whether tracking multiple races at festivals like Cheltenham or focusing on several horses in a single event like the Grand National. It caters to bettors managing multiple bets or can’t watch the races live, significantly enhancing their betting experience by keeping them connected to the thrill of the race and promoting greater engagement.

custom race betting pop-up alerts

The Challenge: Navigating complex betting scenarios

Tracking a single race might seem straightforward, yet the true challenge emerges when punters place multiple bets on one race or across different races, some of which may overlap in timing. And the inability to watch the races live due to commitments such as work or travel further complicates matters. In these scenarios, the difficulty isn’t just about tracking; it’s about efficiently managing and staying updated amidst the volume and concurrency of races and bets. This complexity can make manual tracking a headache and prone to overlooking critical updates that could affect betting outcomes.

custom race betting pop-up alerts

The Solution: Customised Alerts with Flows

To address this, our solution leverages Flows, our premier automation technology, to facilitate seamless updates for sportsbook operators. By integrating with racing databases and aligning with bettors’ preferences and betting history, we enable operators to deliver personalised, timely alerts directly to bettors’ devices.

Behind the Scenes – How It works in five simple steps

How It Works:

  1. User preferences setup: The Flow begins by analysing the most recent bets placed through the platform, identifying bettors’ preferred horses.
  2. Last bets retrieval: Flows then tracks these preferences to provide a tailored experience for each bettor, fetching their latest betting activity.
  3. Daily racing schedule check: In anticipation of race days, our flow checks the schedule for all relevant races, ensuring no opportunity is missed.
  4. Personalised Pop-Up notifications: Bettors receive automated customissed pop-up notifications, highlighting their bets across different races or within a single, densely scheduled event.
  5. Continuous updates: Our technology keeps the updates flowing in real-time, covering race results, schedule changes, and more, ensuring bettors are always in the know, enhancing their engagement and satisfaction.

custom race betting pop-up alerts


Elevating the Sportsbook experience

Our innovative Flow revolutionises the sportsbook experience by allowing operators to offer personalised, on-demand updates to their bettors. It’s particularly effective during major racing events, accommodating the complexity of multiple bets and the reality of bettors’ busy schedules. It not only simplifies bet management for operators but also significantly enhances the betting experience for their clients.

To discover more about how our no-code technology can elevate your sports betting service, contact us to arrange a live demonstration of Flows in action.