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Jul 4, 2022

Flow of the week – Two-Factor Authentication


Are guideline and regulation changes causing you a headache just thinking about the huge backlogs and long running costly development projects needed to ensue that you meet the necessary requirements?

New Jersey recently released guidelines explicitly calling for Two-Factor or Multi-Factor Authentication. Now, just Imagine that the  UK, Sweden or other major iGaming markets were to follow similar regulations when it comes to internet safety, things could get a little bit stressful for your teams.

That is, unless you have a no-code automation platform like Flows. With Flows all you need to do to comply with these regulations is to action a quick fix with your frontend team, and just 10 minutes of Flow-building! No coding or backend changes are needed, now, doesn’t that sound like it would take the pressure off a little?

Flows can automate Two-Factor, Multi-Factor Authentication and any other regulation automations you may need to prevent fraud and proxy betting.

With Flows you can sit back, relax and let Flows take care of it for you . It’s that simple  – Just Flow it!

In this Flow of the week we will show you just how easily you can build a Two-Factor SMS authentication flow. But remember, with Flows you are empowered to innovate and can add whatever extra authentication you would like to use – it’s up to you how you flow it!

How do you Flow it? 


Trigger, get player details and generate an authentication code

Start your Flow by selecting the trigger, in this example the Flow is called directly from your frontend at the point of Login.

Flows then gets the players phone number and generates a 4-digit (you choose how many you want, depending on the guidelines you are following) verification code.

Generating a verification code could not be simpler – just add as many random numbers as you need and then store them together in one variable to use for the SMS.

How do I send the generated code?

With Flows you can easily integrate any CRM or direct SMS service.

In our example flow here we simply call the CRM/SMS service and provide the mobile number (that we collected earlier when we called the player account management platform) as well as the generated verification code to send. We also ensure to save the generated code for Step 2 of this Two-Factor Authentication Example, but we only save it for 5 minutes before the code expires.


Can I verify the code the player enters using Flows as well?

Of course you can! Just create a second Flow that you call from the frontend once the player has filled in the verification code. Then collect the code stored in Flows and compare them, if the codes match Flows returns true to allow the player to complete the  login. It’s really that simple!

With Flows you can also choose to remember the device already authenticated for a set period of time, to speed up the login on that device, like for example the 2 weeks regulated by New Jersey.

Remember, with Flows no-code platform, you can innovate freely and easily make your workflow come to life! Save time on development and tedious tasks and just consider that if you can think it – you can Flow it.,

If you want to find out more about how flows can help you to accelerate delivery and supercharge your innovation, get in touch [email protected]