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Automated player deposit alerts

Nov 16, 2023

Flow of the week: Taking RG to the next level with automated deposit alerts


In the world of iGaming, responsible gaming is non-negotiable. As CEOs of iGaming operations, you know it’s crucial for player welfare and industry sustainability. However, balancing profitability and player protection, navigating regulations, and ensuring player freedom with safety is challenging. But we have a game-changing solution…

With Flows no-code automation technology, you can create tailored workflows to revolutionise your responsible gaming practices. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill solution; it’s a tidal wave of innovation poised to reshape the industry.

The challenge: setting limits, raising awareness

Responsible gaming begins with setting limits and empowering players. Setting deposit limits and notifying players when specific thresholds are reached is essential for responsible gaming. It safeguards players’ finances, encourages self-awareness, and prevents problem gambling. Online gaming platforms following these measures demonstrate commitment to player safety, fostering trust and loyalty. These actions create a safer, ethical, and responsible gaming environment.

The solution: Empowering players with automation: tracking and managing deposits responsibly

Imagine creating a workflow that meticulously tracks player deposits. With Flows, you can do just that and more. Let’s explore how it works. In this example, our Flow tracks, analyses, and groups deposits to identify a significant milestone – more than five deposits in 30 minutes. Flows springs into action when a player reaches this point, sending an immediate notification.

Here’s the process: The system captures and tracks player deposits, analysing and grouping them to identify key milestones, such as the sixth deposit. When this milestone is reached, the player receives a notification and deposits are temporarily blocked for a two-hour cooling-off period. It’s not about limiting gameplay but ensuring a safer and more controlled gaming experience.

During this two-hour break, players can reflect on their gaming choices. Once the cooling-off period ends, deposit capabilities reopen, allowing responsible gaming to resume.

In essence, this flow encourages controlled gaming habits and raises awareness of deposit thresholds. Its goal is to promote responsible gaming practices, ensuring a secure and sustainable gaming experience for all participants.

Behind the scenes – How it works in five simple steps

  1. Deposit trigger stage: We kickstart the process by giving our AI tool, FLO, the description to build.
  2. Route Flow for deposit success: The system verifies the success of deposits, ensuring seamless progress.
  3. Data handling – Grouping and counting: Successful deposits are grouped and counted for 30 minutes, preparing for the threshold check.
  4. Threshold check and client notification: When the sixth deposit is reached, instant notifications are dispatched via the Intercom app, and deposits are blocked to enforce responsible gaming.
  5. The cooling-off period and reopening deposits: A two-hour cooling-off period is initiated, followed by the reopening of deposit capabilities, ensuring a balanced gaming journey.


By streamlining this process with Flows, you’re showcasing a steadfast commitment to responsible gaming. Timely alerts, intervention, and structured cooling-off periods are the beginning of the accountable gaming revolution.

Stay tuned for more insights on how you can transform your responsible gaming practices with Flows. If you’re eager to find out more about this Flow, see it in action on a live demo and explore how automation can empower responsible gaming even further – get in touch today!