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Bonus abuse detection

Feb 19, 2024

Flow of the week: Streamlining bonus abuse detection with Flows


The iGaming industry faces a significant challenge with bonus abuse, a problem that threatens the integrity and financial stability of online gaming operations. Traditional strategies to counter this issue often rely on manual surveillance and the deployment of strict, one-size-fits-all policies. Unfortunately, these measures can unjustly impact genuine players, leading to a decrease in player engagement and retention. This piece explores how Flows introduces a smarter, more efficient approach to tackle bonus abuse, enabling operators to maintain a fair and profitable gaming environment without the limitations of conventional methods.. This week, we’re focusing on how Flows empowers operators to efficiently tackle bonus abuse, ensuring a level playing field for all players while mitigating risks and costs for the operator.

The Problem: Navigating bonus abuse

Bonus abuse is a tactic employed by a group of players who exploit promotional offers in ways that were not intended, undermining the spirit of fair play. Such practices not only strain the platform’s resources but also jeopardise the availability of promotions for honest players. Traditional methods of combating this issue often involve manual monitoring and the implementation of rigid, one-sise-fits-all rules that can inadvertently penalise genuine players and have a negative impact on retention.

The solution: Flows’ No-Code automation

Flows introduces a dynamic and powerful solution to this pervasive issue. By enabling Risk and Fraud teams to quickly build and deploy automated detection and response workflows, Flows significantly reduces the need for manual intervention and the reliance on developer resources for every update or new rule implementation. This agility is crucial for staying ahead of abusers who constantly evolve their tactics.


A real-world application: Quick response to new exploitation tactics

When a new pattern of bonus abuse was identified by one of our iGaming operator clients —where players were exploiting responsible gaming limits to meet bonus wagering requirements without actual risk—Flows was instrumental in addressing the issue swiftly. The pattern involved players setting responsible gaming limits that would cancel their bets, yet these canceled bets still counted towards fulfilling the wagering requirements for bonuses. This exploit, if left unchecked, could have led to significant financial losses.

Recognising the urgency, a dedicated workflow was quickly built within Flows. This solution empowered Risk and Fraud teams to immediately detect and halt this abusive behavior without the need to suspend bonuses for the entire player base or start a lengthy development process to alter the responsible gaming functionality—a process that could take several months.

This workflow not only flagged accounts exhibiting this specific pattern for further investigation but also enabled the automatic application of restrictions on these accounts to prevent further abuse. The rapid deployment capability of Flows meant that the operator could adapt to this new abuse strategy almost instantly, showcasing the power of no-code automation in maintaining the integrity of gaming operations.

Key Advantages of using Flows:

Rapid deployment

Instantly create or modify workflows to address emerging abuse patterns without waiting for development cycles.

Customisable detection

Tailor detection mechanisms to identify specific abuse behaviors, ensuring that genuine players are not affected by broad-stroke policies.

Automated actions

Set up automatic responses, such as flagging suspicious accounts for review or temporarily restricting certain actions, without impacting the overall player base.

Integration and collaboration

Easily integrate with existing systems and data sources for a comprehensive view of player behavior, enhancing the effectiveness of fraud detection efforts.

The Impact: enhanced efficiency and cost savings

By adopting Flows, iGaming operators can achieve significant cost savings, not only in terms of resources spent on monitoring and development but also by minimizing the financial impact of bonus abuse. Flows’ no-code platform ensures that Risk and Fraud teams have the tools they need to implement quick and dynamic detection solutions, allowing for a more targeted approach to bonus abuse without the need to halt promotions for all players.

And there you have it. If you want to find out more about Flows, see our platform live in action or find out more about how our innovative tech can supercharge your business – get in touch.