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World cup

Nov 29, 2022

Flow of the week – Sportsbook World Cup Bettor Leaderboard


With the ongoing World Cup, every Sportsbook operator is calling for a piece of the betting action by offering special promotions. So how can you stand out as an operator and offer your customers that extra bit of fun that will keep them betting on your site?

Well, we know that some punters can be very competitive. So why not have them competing against each other for the title of the best bettor? Offer them a competition page where they fill in their predictions for each match and can earn points to climb up the leaderboard – that of course has a juicy price at the top!

For example: 

“Who can do the best predictions and score the most points on our Flow of the week – World Cup Leaderboard?”

And, with Flows you can also drill down a bit further and even create a separate leaderboard to split per country.

You can also build automated custom tournaments, leaderboards, crm and bonusing using Flows innovative no-code platform to Supercharge what you have – and build what you don’t.

How do you Flow it? 


Enrol customers to leaderboard

Start with building your competition page, and whenever a customer loads the page – first call Flows to check if the player is already opted-in or not and if they are a valid user (if your promotion is only for a certain segment). Flows will then return enrollment info in milliseconds for your frontend to know if to display opt-in button or current player ranking on leaderboard.

The next Flow will then be the opt-in Flow, so after the player click to opt-in, Flows is called again and the player is enrolled on the leaderboard. So next time they load the page – they will no longer see the opt-in button.

Can Flows store data internally?

Flows can of course store all the predictions per customer. Simply set up a trigger to your Flow from your frontend upon form completion to save the predictions in Flows. You can also easily set up responses in your Flow. Here is an example where your frontend will get a success or failure upon saving the predictions.

How can we add the points to the leaderboard?

Once you have the game results, you can manually add these in a trigger to Flows that will then compare the stored predictions and add points based on results and the settings you have made for your custom competition.

To complete our Flow of the Week, you have the “Get leaderboard” Flow to use from your Frontend to query the data and get the top 20 (or however many you want for your leaderboard) customers or top countries to display and their points on the board, as well as returning the specific player points to highlight on the page.

At the end of the promotion – run a Flow to get the top customers and award them automatically with their win as well as send that amazing winner-email and sms. All you have to do is – Just Flow it!

If you want to find out more about how flows can help you to accelerate delivery and supercharge your innovation, get in touch