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Sports betting engagement automation

Jan 17, 2024

Flow of the Week: Sport Betting – automating daily engagement recognition


Welcome to the latest edition of ‘Flow of the Week’, where we’re at the forefront of revolutionising sports betting engagement automation. As the football leagues roar back into action and the Six Nations Cup gears up for an electrifying kick-off, excitement fills the world of sports betting. In this dynamic and interactive landscape, we are set to change the game for sportsbooks. This edition explores how automating betting engagement recognition can transform your sports betting promotions, offering unparalleled experiences to bettors  – now is the perfect time.

The challenge: Engaging and rewarding daily sports bettors

In the fast-paced realm of online betting, sports betting engagement automation stands as a key driver of success. With our  Flow, we’re setting a new standard in how bettors interact with sports betting platforms. Our goal is to overcome the challenge of infrequent bettor interactions and build a loyal fan base. This requires balancing continuous excitement with an engaging, dynamic platform that captivates bettors daily.

The solution: Automating daily engagement recognition with Flows

Our ‘Flow of the Week’ simplifies operations and elevates the entire concept of sports betting engagement automation. By automating the recognition of daily betting activity, we create a seamless, engaging experience that encourages bettors to return. Our Flow is designed to recognise and reward consistent engagement, transforming how operators and bettors experience sports betting.

Optimising sports betting engagement automation with Flows

As we break down the process, you’ll see how each Flows step is designed to optimise sports betting engagement automation, ensuring a rewarding experience for both the operator and the bettor. From user registration to the allocation of bonuses, each phase is streamlined for maximum efficiency and engagement.

Behind the scenes – How it works in five simple steps:

  1. User registration: We begin by using Flows to register users who engage in daily sports betting. This step is essential to identify active participants.
  2. Daily engagement verification: Next, Flows consistently checks and verifies daily user activity, ensuring we reward only the most dedicated bettors.
  3. Three-player threshold: The system narrows down active bettors until only three consistent players remain, each becoming eligible for special bonuses.
  4. Automated bonus allocation: Bonuses are automatically allocated to these top three players, enhancing their daily betting experience.
  5. Ultimate winner and grand bonus: The process culminates with one player emerging as the ultimate winner, receiving a grand bonus and marking the end of this engaging promotion cycle.

This Flow goes beyond promotion; it’s a tribute to our dedicated daily bettors. With the return of major leagues and the Six Nations Cup, now is the perfect time to enhance your betting experience.

Stay tuned for more insights on how Flows can enhance your daily engagement.


If you’re eager to witness this innovative Flow in action or want to explore how automation can transform your sports betting platform – get in touch today!