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Jan 11, 2024

Flow of the week: Revolutionising iGaming with cross-brand and network leaderboards


How can new and smaller operators stand out in the highly competitive online gaming space dominated by big players? This week’s Flow of the Week tackles this exact question. We’re excited to unveil our latest innovation: Automated iGaming Leaderboards. Innovation is key in this industry, especially for attracting and retaining a dedicated player base. Smaller operators often face hurdles in crafting engaging experiences that can compete with larger, established brands.  That’s where Flows steps in to bridge this gap with our cutting-edge innovation: Cross-brand and Network Leaderboards – a breakthrough that is transforming the playing field for smaller iGaming operators.

The challenge: engaging players in a competitive environment

One of the biggest challenges for new or small iGaming operators is creating an engaging and competitive environment for players. With a limited player base, traditional leaderboards often fall short, lacking the thrill and challenge to attract and retain players. This can be a significant hurdle in attracting and retaining players and launching new games or brands.

Automated iGaming Leaderboards


The solution: cross-brand and network leaderboards with Flows

Flows offers an innovative solution to this challenge with its Cross-brand and Network Leaderboards. This feature allows operators to build shared leaderboards across all or selected brands and for one or a list of games. This is particularly beneficial for new or small operators, as it enables them to offer the excitement of a competitive leaderboard, even with a smaller player base.

Behind the scenes – How it works building a cross-brand leaderboard in days

So, how does it work? For this purpose, we will have to define three different Flows that will be interconnected between themselves.

 1: Setting up the leaderboard:

Operators can easily use our no-code platform to set up a leaderboard across multiple brands or networks, choosing the games to include. No time to learn how to set it up? Have one of our Flows Authors do it for you!

 2: Customisation and flexibility:

The leaderboard can be customized to fit the operator’s specific needs, whether for a single game or multiple games and selected brands or across the entire network.

3: Rapid deployment:

Unlike traditional methods that can take months of development, Flows enables operators to set up these leaderboards in just days or even hours! Thanks to its no-code automation technology. And once it has been built, it can be cloned and built again for new leaderboards in just minutes.

Automated iGaming Leaderboards

A game-changer for small operators

The Cross-brand and Network Leaderboards feature from Flows is a game-changer for small iGaming operators. It levels the playing field, allowing them to offer an engaging and competitive gaming experience that can attract and retain players. With Flows, what used to take months of development can now be achieved in just days, revolutionising how small operators compete in the iGaming industry.

Get in touch to find out more about Flows and how easy it is for you to implement this innovative feature.