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Time out self exclusion

May 10, 2022

Flow of the week – Responsible Gaming – Time out and Self exclusion



Ensure a safe gambling environment and Sustainable play using Flows!

Responsible Gaming, Player Protection, Player Sustainability – whatever you name it, Flows is here to help your team streamline your operations, remove manual tasks and react in real-time to the player actions.

Build your custom self-exclusions and time-out journeys using Flows innovative, no-code, technology. ?

In this example we will show how you could simply add tags to determine how long an account should be blocked, and just Flow it from there!
Here we use tags, but you could point a self-exclusion/time-out event directly from your frontend where the customer decides how long the account should be blocked – for example customizing block calendars instead of having to select set options of 1/3/6 months.

How do you Flow it? 

Trigger, Route and Look up value

Start your Flow by selecting the trigger, in this example the trigger is on a Tags Change. We then check if the event is that a tag is added. In the next stage we then look up the different tags and map to different time-out values (here in seconds):

Set the time-out on the account

The flow continues on the green path after successfully looking up the time-out values. We then check if the value set is permanent or in seconds and proceed to add an indefinitive closure or a temporary block as per the time-out value. When the value set has passed, the account with a temporary block will reopen manually.

CRM setting during and after block

Your flow here continues after the blocks are set, and for indefinitive block, the customer is also blocked indefinitely from CRM. For temporary blocks, the customer is blocked from CRM during the set period. In our example we have also added a service email after the block period has passed.

Remember, with Flows you can innovate freely. Send alerts to the RG team when certain accounts with an alert-flag are reopened, and skip the email for those. Set deposit limits upon reopening and/or add monitoring on deposits after the account is re-opened. It’s all up to you – Just Flow It!

“I use Flows for various processes in regards to Sustainable Play, for example monitoring accounts, segmenting and send outs of Responsible Gaming interactions to ensure a safe gambling environment.

Flows has decreased the amount of manual workload in my team immensely and has increased productivity.”

– Lisa Sophie Dallos, Player Sustainability Manager @The Wknd