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Jun 7, 2022

Flow of the week – Reactivate your customers


 Reactivate your customers with automated messaging and personalised offers!

With Flows innovative technology you can increase retention and improve reactivation with automated CRM and bonusing – as well as those important alerts to your player management teams.

In this example we will show you a simple Reactivation Flow for VIPs – but how complex you want to make it is completely up to you. Split the Flow into several customer cohorts and ensure a personalised customer experience for your players while saving much time from your CRM and VIP teams!

How do you Flow it? 

Trigger, check Player tags and wait

Start your Flow by selecting the trigger, in this example the trigger is on a a login event. Then check for customer cohorts, here we check for VIP tags. If a VIP tag is present, the flow continues on the green path and we then set a wait time for 7 days with a restart every time the player logs in. This means that the 7 days timer will only pass if the player has not logged in for that timer period. Once that happens, the player moves down the blue path. We then get the player details to use in our Flow.

Send alerts, trigger crm and assign Bonus

Once the 7 days has passed since last login, an alert is sent to the VIP team for any manual checks. A CRM is also triggered together with a Welcome back offer.

Remember, this is a very basic example flow, you can build very extensive and complex customer journeys with Flows no-code builder. Split the Flow into many different cohorts with different offers. Get the players NGR for the last X days and calculate a cashback to get them back onsite or send them Free Spins on their favorite game. It’s all up to you! You only need to make sure that the data you need is triggered to Flows or can be fetched – and then use your imagination to make it Flow!