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Jackpot automation

Oct 18, 2022

Flow of the week – Progressive Jackpots


From Barcelona and Malta to Vegas, Jackpots are on everyones lips this season – we heard you and so, in true Flows style, this weeks Flow of the week takes a look at Jackpots and how with Flows, you can fully automate them. 

If you are looking for a solution that allows you to fully customise and automate Jackpots, leaderboards and tournaments, for both operators and game providers, which can be built quickly and easily by your CRM and/or Casino team without the need to code…..Look no further! Flows empowers your teams to supercharge what you have and build what you don’t! 

It’s time to take your business a step ahead and leave behind those out of the box or standard template features, which let’s face it, are never really tailored quite enough…

As a game provider you can create network jackpots or bespoke jackpots for a certain operator, and as an operator you can build your own bespoke Jackpots to your casino on any game/s of your choice, fast and easy with Flows no-code innovation platform.

But why stop there, that’s not all you can do. Flows open world app market place enables you to connect apps such as  Twitter, which allows you to  immediately tweet and celebrate a big win with your follower , or the Google sheets app so that you can store valuable data with all your teams, which is instantly updated in real-time or, why not alert your team on-demand about a win using Slack or connect the AirTable app to automate a  real-time dashboard of all your Jackpots? With Flows, the possibilities are endless….

Jackpot automation with Flows

Our  app marketplace  allows you to use Flows as your one-stop-shop for all integrations. Yes, you can add platforms, CRM systems and powerful tools, all at your disposal and using your data within minutes! And, the best part? There is no lengthy integration project.

How do you Flow it? 

Flow 1 – Create Jackpot

Trigger, check game and save to Jackpot

Flow no-code allows you to supercharge your jackpot automation strategy

We start by building the Jackpot flow. You select your trigger – in this case it is triggered on a game spin. We then check if the spin is in one of the selected Jackpot games – the Jackpot can be shared between games or only on one game – all up to you!

You can add any filters you need – such as spin value, user country filters, operator IDs (if building for a game provider) etc.

Can Flows build and increment the Jackpot values?

Looking to improve your Jackpot automation process?

Yes! With Flows you can easily build custom jackpots. Simply increment from every game spin that matches your previous filters, and add a percentage of each bet amount. You can also add to more than one Jackpot at the same time.

How do I get the Jackpot to show onsite?

Flow 2 – Jackpot load

Flow of the week Jackpot automation

Save MONTHS of development work and simply just call the Flow on game load – get the stored Jackpot values and add to the response.

You can also use Flows to get the Jackpot values to show on banners, in CRM such as emails, onsite messages and in widgets across the site. All in real-time with no-code or backend work needed!

Is there a way to randomly pay out the Jackpot?

Flow 3 – Jackpot numbers

Automate your jackpots with Flows

There are many ways to Flow a Jackpot payout. Here we show one version where we assign a random number to the Jackpot as well as to the player spin. If they match – the player wins that jackpot! This makes it very easy to decide and change the odds of winning; Simply select your win chance by giving the different jackpots an assigned number bracket.


Continue your flow by checking if the numbers match – if they do, then pay out the Jackpot instantly or simply notify your CRM team – It’s all up to you!

Let’s say every player spin gets assigned a number between 0-1000. If you set the low jackpot to trigger on a jackpot spin number between 0-25, it means there is a 2.5% chance of winning the low jackpot on your spin. You can then set the next tier on numbers between 50-60 for example, meaning 1% chance of hitting that tier. You can simply change these odds at any time and within minutes using Flows.

Why not set up an automated time left-based odds-change? If Jackpot is above the max jackpot amount and you want to guarantee a win before the set time period – then automate an odds change in the Flow to ensure that win is hit!

You may also add winner notifications to the player in your Flow as shown above. Then we end this example flow by resetting the Jackpot value – which can be reset to 0 or a custom start value.

This is just one example of how you can use Flows in your Jackpot promotions, If you want to see more examples live in action, and find out more about how flows can help you to accelerate delivery and supercharge your innovation, get in touch