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Payment issues automation

Apr 21, 2023

Flow of the week -RG – Payment issues automation


This week we’re excited to share how we helped one of our clients build a powerful flow to detect stuck deposits blocking customers from making deposits within their Responsible Gaming Limits. This flow reduces customer churn, increases retention and revenues, and ensures that customers stay within their limits and enjoy a better gaming experience.

The Problem:
Our client, a leading online casino, was facing issues with pending deposits. Customers who had set responsible gaming limits for themselves were finding that their unsuccessful deposits could be left in a pending state and were still counting towards their limits as successful deposits, preventing them from making new deposits within their limits. This can lead to frustrated customers who either raise their limits to be able to continue depositing or leave to play elsewhere.

The Solution:
Leveraging Flows’ no-code automation platform, we created a custom flow that instantly captures customer issues with pending deposits and limits and alerts the customer support team in real-time. This enables the support team to act swiftly, resolving the issue and clearing the pending deposit, allowing the customer to continue playing within their set limits.

How do you Flow it? 

Start your Flow on a deposit trigger.

The flow is triggered on a deposit and then filters through any error to detect deposits rejected due to deposit limits. If detected – the flow will continue fetching all the customer’s deposits within the last X days. But only once per set timeframe, as many customers keep trying to deposit quickly again only to get the same error, and there is only a need for the Flow to run a check once every X minutes/hours.

We then continue the flow by splitting out each deposit we found over the last X days and filtering out any stuck/pending deposits. The Flow then groups these to inform Customer Support of how many deposits this customer has stuck pending, the total amount, and the customer’s deposit limit. This empowers the Customer support team to act quickly to clear the stuck deposits, informing the customer that there is still space within the limit and to try again without raising any limit.

This week’s flow showcases the power of Flows’ no-code automation platform in addressing customer issues and improving the gaming experience. By detecting stuck deposits and alerting the customer support team in real-time, our solution helps our client reduce churn, increase retention and revenues, and ensure customers continue playing within their responsible gaming limits.

If you want to find out more about how flows can help you to accelerate delivery and supercharge your innovation, get in touch .