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Sep 14, 2022

Flow of the week – License checks for game providers


Ever changing and increasing license requirements are not just a headache for an operator they are also a huge pain point for game providers. Many new licenses come with requirements such as prohibiting Auto-spin and minimum spin time. But with Flows, that doesn’t have to be a worry! Flows, no-code technology allows you to edit the settings per country requirement in minutes, so that you can make sure that you are always a step ahead!

Backlogs, coding and publishing of new changes are all headaches that are far too familiar. Using Flows you can instead empower non-developers to edit license requirements quickly and easily. Just call Flows when you get a game load request from an operator (player clicks on game) and base the game settings on the response from the Flow.

This way the Flow can be edited in minutes to reflect new requirements – and without the need for any code review or publish.

So, how do you Flow it? 

Can I check the user country and license on game load?

Of course you can, just take the data that you get from the operator on game load and send that through to Flows. In Flows you can then check the users country and easily map it to a license. So that all countries that belong to MGA are mapped to MGA and so on. You could also skip this step if the license is already sent in the data from the operator or just route your flow directly on country.

Remember that a flow runs in Milliseconds, so the game will still load quickly even when waiting for a response from Flows.

After mapping your license, all you need to do is create different routes depending on the license and add the information needed to load the game. Such as if AutoSpin should be toggled on/off, Max bet amount allowed, QuickSpin Y/N and SpinTime. As well as any further settings you need to know before loading the game for the player.

Send this information in the response and have the game load based on that response. This empowers you and your team to do changes to license requirements in minutes using your Flow! No code or publish needed.

Flows – Supercharge what you have and build what you don’t

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