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Leaderboards with real-time reporting

Mar 24, 2023

Flow of the week – Real-time Leaderboards and Tournaments


Are you looking for the perfect way to bring a real-time leaderboard to your online casino site? Or Sportsbook? Look no further, Flows innovation and integration platform can help! With Flows, you can quickly and accurately build a leaderboard that awards points to players based on their spin count, bet count or any other factor you want to base the points on. Flow it with extra points for special games or bets!

Flows can save your development team weeks, if not months of work by building the points accumulation in Flows and sending it to the leaderboard, updating it with every new point received so your players can always track their position and progress.

Flows can also send the leaderboard report to Airtable where your team can easily track the status of the players points as well as build custom dashboards. But, that’s not all, Flows can also manage the payout to the winners as well as the winner messaging.

With Flows, you can easily customise the leaderboards and make changes in just minutes, with no need for development or time-consuming releases. So, if you’re looking to create a real-time leaderboard for your online casino site, Flows is the perfect no-code automation tool for you.

Just listen to Idan Levy, CEO of
“Are you looking to enhance the VIP experience at your online casino? Look no further than Flows.
As the CEO of Highroller Casino, I can confidently say that partnering with Flows has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business.

Flows offers personalized engagement with VIP players to increase retention and satisfaction. Their team is dedicated to creating customized experiences for each player, which has resulted in a noticeable increase in our VIP player retention rates. Their services have allowed us to create a loyal and happy customer base, leading to increased revenue and growth for our Casino.One of the key benefits of working with Flows is their ability to automate engagement with players. This allows us to reach out to more players, without sacrificing quality or personalization.

Their platform is easy to use, and their team is always available to answer any questions or concerns. Overall, I highly recommend Flows to any online Casino looking to enhance their VIP experience. Their services have proven to be effective, and their team is professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the success of our business. Give them a try and see the results for yourself!



Try it today and see how easy it is to get your leaderboard up and running in no time!


How do you Flow it? 

Start your Flow on a Game Spin or any bet

Yes Flows can run even on Game Spin level! On every game spin, we start the flow by checking if it is within the set start and end time before continuing. In our example we also set a Leaderboard name to use within the Flow – you only need to update it in one place when starting a new leaderboard, even though it is used in many places in the flow.

We then continue the flow by fetching player data that has been saved in a separate opt-in Flow. We then check if the player is opted in – or in this case we also allow those non-opted in but valid for the leaderboard (if there is a valid filter such as VIPs) to continue.

Can I add different points for different games/bets?

Yes, you can add as many different Flow routes as you wish! Just filter on the games that you wish to customise the points for and each filter will get it’s own Flow route to continue on. Here we split on Slots – special or normal, and Live Casino. Each route adds the bet amounts to a data storage.

Our leaderboard Flow now continues by checking when the incremented bets have reached the set amount to award points – for example “1 point every time the player bets reaches €50” or “1 point for every €25 in bets”. It can be accumulated or also based on their bet amount per spin – all up to you and easily configured in Flows! Once the player has reached the set amount in bets – the Flow routes based on if opted in or not. If opted in – add the points to the Leaderboard. If not opted in but valid – save points in Flows so they can be added once the player opts in!

Once points have been added – you can fetch all data saved within Flows for the UserID and trigger to send it directly to your BI-tool, send a Slack message to the VIP team for VIP leaderboards, and/or use Apps such as Airtable to monitor the leaderboard. Here we show one example of how to create and update rows on an Airtable board. And check out the video below to see how it looks when a leaderboard is live!

If you want to find out more about how flows can help you to accelerate delivery and supercharge your innovation, get in touch .