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Automating GGR reports

Oct 19, 2023

Flow of the week: how to automate hourly GGR reports with Flows


Discover a Game-changing Flow for hourly GGR Reporting!

Welcome to another thrilling edition of Flows of the Week! Today, we’re delving into the heart of operational efficiency with a focus on real-time, hourly Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) reporting—a vital component in the iGaming landscape.

The essence of hourly GGR reports

The concept behind hourly GGR reports is straightforward. Think of it as a live dashboard that displays how much money is coming in from bets and how much is paid out as winnings every hour. This real-time data is essential for making quick decisions.

For instance, a sudden drop in hourly revenue could indicate a problem with a game or a marketing campaign that needs adjustment. Conversely, a revenue increase might signal the success of a promotion. These insights help companies adapt their marketing strategies, game offerings, and bonuses in real-time to keep players engaged and revenue flowing.

In essence, hourly GGR reports act like a financial compass, guiding the company through the ever-changing landscape of player behaviour and market trends, ensuring financial health and steady growth.

The challenge: timely GGR Insights

The real challenge lies in obtaining accurate and up-to-the-minute GGR figures without overwhelming your team with the data retrieval process. It’s about efficiently collecting and analysing the difference between bets and wins (GGR) and presenting this data in an easily digestible format.

The solution: a seamless Flow with Flows

Introducing our solution to this challenge—a dynamic flow designed to automate the entire process:

1. Setting the foundation

We begin by establishing a solid foundation with a “set default value” stage. This stage calculates the GGR, which is essentially the difference between bets and wins obtained on the trigger.


2. Tracking the hourly GGR

Next, we introduce a “convert date” stage to capture the current time, accurately labelling it as “DateToday”.

3. Saving for 24-Hour Increments

To ensure we capture hourly data over a 24-hour period, we employ an “Increment Number” stage. This stage saves 24 hours of GGR information every hour, preserving it for analysis and reporting.

Empowering with Flows’ versatility

This setup is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Flows can achieve. Automation revolutionises complex data tracking, making it efficient and accessible for real-time insights.

How It Flows

After configuring the initial setup, the magic unfolds seamlessly:

Scheduled automation

In another Flow, we run manually; a “Run Later” stage initiates every hour, triggering the flow to execute and gather fresh GGR data.


Querying and summing the data

A “Query Data” stage swoops in, collecting and summing the hourly GGR data from the past increment number stage, preparing it for streamlined analysis.

Alerting through Slack

With the aggregated GGR information at our fingertips, an alert is promptly sent via Slack, keeping the team informed and enabling swift decision-making.

In conclusion

This streamlined approach to hourly GGR reporting, powered by Flows automation platform, boosts operational efficiency and facilitates data-driven strategies. As we continue to harness technology to drive the iGaming experience, our commitment remains unwavering—equipping you with tools that elevate business intelligence and operational agility.

Stay tuned for more exciting insights in our next Flow of the Week! If you want to learn more about how these flows can empower your iGaming platform, reach out to find out more. Your success is our mission!

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