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Automating Santa's workshop

Dec 20, 2022

Flow of the week – How Flows can supercharge Santa’s workshop


As we all know, Santa Claus has a lot of work to do during the holiday season. But with the help of Flows no-code automation platform, Santa and his elves have easily automated their gift production and delivery process this year, so they have been able to focus more on the important tasks at hand!

With Flows, Santa and his elves have set up workflows to automatically determine which children are on the “nice” list and which are on the “naughty” list. For good children, Flows automatically notifies the elves to begin making their gifts, add the gifts to gift bags, and add the coordinates and delivery times to the flight map.

But what about the naughty children? Well, Flows handles that, too. For children on the naughty list, Flows automatically adds the child to the list for Coal delivery.

No Chimney? No worries, Flows will let Santa know so he will use his Magic key to go through the front door. Flows will even check the weather where the child lives to ensure Santas Elves will have the Snow chains prepared for the Sleigh!

And don’t forget about the cookies and milk! With Flows, Santa and his elves are easily keeping track of the calories they consume, so Mrs. Claus can be notified if Santa’s intake gets too high and then inform the Elves to give the rest to the Reindeers instead.

Overall, Flows is a powerful tool that has helped Santa and his elves supercharge their gift production and innovate their delivery process, so they can focus better on making sure all the good children get their gifts on time.

Just listen to the holly jolly fellows top Elf and what he has to say about Flows:

“Twas right before Christmas, and all through the shop

Santa was busy, with no time to stop

He had to get ready, for the big day ahead

To make sure all the presents were ready to be spread

So he turned to automation, no-code to be exact

To supercharge his workshop, and make sure things were packed

He used flows to automate, the tedious tasks of the night

So he could focus on the fun, and make sure everything was right

He used flows to sort, and flows to wrap

Flows to label, and flows to map

Flows to check, and flows to ship

Flows to ensure, no present would slip

Oh Santa, what a sight to see,

Your workshop’s now a-buzzing with glee!

Your elves are happy, Mrs Claus too,

Thanks to the no-code automation you do.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Santa’s workshop is now supercharged with delight


So, how do you Flow it? 

Trigger on Letter Received to Santa and check if Naughty or Nice child

Our Flow starts with a letter to Santa being received, and the contents are then processed into Flows with the childs name, age, wish, country, address and if naughty or nice. If naughty equals true, the letter will pass through to inform the Elves via Slack to pack coal and add the child and address to the coal delivery list.

If naughty equals false, then the Elves are informed about the childs wish and to proceed to production and gift packing.

We then continue the Flow when the childs gift is ready, which of course only takes a few minutes in Santas magic workshop!

Once the gift is ready, Flows will inform Santas Elves that it is ready and which bag it should be packed in, and the child and address is added to the delivery schedule for the gifts. We then add a run later in our Flow, so the blue delivery path will run on Midnight Christmas Eve in the Childs timezone.

Can Flows check the Weather?

Of course Santa and his Elves need to be prepared for really bad weather in some countries. So Flows checks this for them! And if the weather is heavy snow or rain, Santas Elves are notified to prepare for it before the magic sleigh arrives at the delivery address.

Another really important factor is of course if there’s a chimney at that address! So what do the Elves do to ensure this is checked before delivery – well they just Flow it of course! Is there a chimney to go down? Yes – then inform Santa to deliver gift through chimney. Is there no chimney? No problem! Inform Santa to prepare the magic key to open the front door.

We can’t forget about the cookies and milk! Mrs Claus sure doesn’t. While Santa is busy with his workshop and delivering gifts, Mrs Claus is making sure that he and his Elves get the proper nourishment they need for their hard work. And if those cookies and milk goes unchecked – Santa might not fit through that chimney. So of course Mrs Claus also added a calorie counter to the Flow. So every time Santa eats some cookies and milk – his delivery Elf sends the information to Flows and Flows will add to the counter.

Flows continues by alerting Mrs Claus once the calorie count goes above her set range. And then Santas delivery elf is informed to give any further cookies and milk to the Reindeers instead.

And that’s just one of many Flows that Santa and his Elves have built to Supercharge their Workshop productivity using Flows no-code platform.

If you want to find out more about how flows can help you to accelerate delivery and supercharge your innovation, get in touch