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Birthday bonus

May 31, 2022

Flow of the week – Happy Birthday



Reward your customers on their special day using Flows

Free Spins, bonus or a bit of cash to play with on their Birthday? Depending on your customer segmentation – just Flow it!

If you can think it – you can Flow it

With Flows innovative technology you can simply build your customer journey and make it work – without a single line of code! In this example we will show you a simple Happy Birthday flow – but how complex you want to make it is completely up to you. Split the Flow into several customer cohorts and ensure a personalised customer experience for your players.

How do you Flow it? 

Trigger and check Birthdate

Start your Flow by selecting the trigger, in this example the trigger is on a a login event. Then fetch the customer Birthdate and in this example we are using a helper-flow to check if birthdate month and day match todays month and day. Helper Flows are separate Flows built to be used in several other Flows, for example for frequently used segmentation.

Look Up Value

In Flows you will find this very useful stage where you can select an input variable, such as Language, and map the values of that to an output variable. In this example we are mapping each language value with a MessageID for onsite messaging.

Check tags/cohort, assign bonus and inform

Your flow here continues after mapping the messageIDs. We then check the player cohort and assign Birthday bonuses accordingly. Once assigned successfully, an onsite message is sent to wish your customer a Happy Birthday and inform about the gift.

Remember, with Flows you can innovate freely. Split your Flow for many different cohorts and map every cohort to different bonuses and different messages for a personalised experience – Just Flow It